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1st Singapore Scholastic Chess Championships 2014 - O12

Last update 24.05.2014 11:11:33, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Anand ParthOFSOverseas Family School
2Balan VarunOFSOverseas Family School
3Brieta TristanOFSOverseas Family School
4Chan Jia Jie AlexanderNYPNanyang Pr
5Chua Jun Xi BenedictKCPKuo Chuan Presbyterian Pr
6Dhruv NambiarSASSingapore American School
7Ou WenDICDimensions International College
8Goh EthanACJACS Junior
9Goyal MihirUWCUnited World College
10Hee Wei YangSKPSeng Kang Pr
11Ho Yi AmadeusNYPNanyang Pr
12Iyer PrashantOFSOverseas Family School
13Jiang AllanOFSOverseas Family School
14Lim Gia ZhunNYPNanyang Pr
15Patharkar DarshOFSOverseas Family School
16Pham Hoang KhangOFSOverseas Family School
17Pyape Sone Win NaungQNPQiaonan Pr
18Sadasivam TejasNPSNPS International
19Shen Dajun DavidOFSOverseas Family School
20Shlok AnandUWCUnited World College
21Sibuea PatrickOFSOverseas Family School
22Tan Zhe Foong ZacheryCZPChongzheng Pr
23Vasu KakerUWCUnited World College
24Venkatesh AkhilOFSOverseas Family School
25Yao RyanOFSOverseas Family School
26Yee Seng Cheung NicholasHPPHenry Park Pr