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PMB National Age-Group Chess Championship 2014 [U-14 BOYS]

Last update 27.04.2014 10:02:00, Creator/Last Upload: chess association of selangor

Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Teh De Juan1806MAS 46w1 30b1 45w1 13b1 2w½ 3b1 21w1 6b17,50,540,036,25
2Ng Jen Sheng1768MAS 65b1 37w1 22b1 16w1 1b½ 14w1 15b1 13w17,50,538,534,75
3Yee Jian Yang1526MAS 66b1 41w1 7b1 14w½ 9b1 1w0 13b½ 24w16,00,039,026,50
4Muhd Khairul Izwan Haikal Kama1563MAS 72b+ 31w1 16b0 11w1 32b1 15w0 33b1 14w16,00,036,526,50
5Chuah Hao Min1528MAS 54w1 21b½ 52w1 6b1 14b0 24w½ 16b1 15w16,00,035,526,00
6Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari1632MAS 39b½ 61w1 27b1 5w0 11b1 7w1 9b1 1w05,50,041,025,50
7Chee Yi Hun1582MAS 51w1 17b1 3w0 18b1 25w1 6b0 12w½ 26b15,50,039,024,75
8Teoh Ern Sheng1585MAS 44b1 11w½ 23b½ 36w1 13b½ 16w½ 14b½ 22w15,50,037,525,00
9Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi1592MAS 29w1 27b½ 26w1 21b1 3w0 45b1 6w0 25b15,50,037,523,75
10Praghashkumar Thanasegeren1577MAS 28b1 23w½ 11b0 31w1 47b1 13w0 19b1 30w15,50,037,024,25
11Muhd Asyraf Razman1442MAS 53w1 8b½ 10w1 4b0 6w0 46b1 38w1 21b15,50,037,023,25
12Yip Thung1522MAS 48b1 35w1 14b0 47w½ 27b½ 20w1 7b½ 23w15,50,035,523,75
13Muhd Azim Mohd Ismail1534MAS 49b1 34w1 15b1 1w0 8w½ 10b1 3w½ 2b05,00,044,523,75
14Amir Ghaazi Mohd Saprin1570MAS 62w1 25b1 12w1 3b½ 5w1 2b0 8w½ 4b05,00,043,024,25
15Tan Yong Zhao1753MAS 18w1 33b1 13w0 38b1 17w1 4b1 2w0 5b05,00,042,023,50
16Muhd Hazid Ekquan Muhd Haruddi1524MAS 55w1 40b1 4w1 2b0 45w½ 8b½ 5w0 34b15,00,039,021,00
17Loh Zu Hao1440MAS 19b1 7w0 58b1 41w1 15b0 29w½ 18b½ 32w15,00,036,020,75
18Anand Low Hong Ren1292MAS 15b0 56w1 63b1 7w0 35b1 27w½ 17w½ 36b15,00,033,017,75
19Ahmad Alif Irfan Badruddin0MAS 17w0 51b0 65b1 58w1 36b1 34w1 10w0 37b15,00,031,017,50
20Hun Zu Rong1330MAS 35b0 48w0 61b1 53w1 56b1 12b0 43w1 33w15,00,029,516,50
21Ahmad Hilmi Zulkeflee1311MAS 59b1 5w½ 24b1 9w0 37b1 22w1 1b0 11w04,50,040,519,00
22Kabir Singh Ajeet Singh1539MAS 43w1 38b1 2w0 29b½ 26w1 21b0 31w1 8b04,50,039,019,25
23Gohshalan Naidu Shanmugam Naid1435MAS 42w1 10b½ 8w½ 32b0 29w½ 39b1 45w1 12b04,50,036,519,25
24Low Chee Pang1545MAS 58w1 26b½ 21w0 52b1 46w1 5b½ 25w½ 3b04,50,035,017,00
25Ang Zhen Wei1393MAS 60b1 14w0 50b1 28w1 7b0 32w1 24b½ 9w04,50,035,016,75
26Ng Shi Xuan1378MAS 69b1 24w½ 9b0 51w1 22b0 28w1 27b1 7w04,50,033,515,75
27Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong1442MAS 67b1 9w½ 6w0 62b1 12w½ 18b½ 26w0 47b14,50,033,515,50
28Kheeshyen Raaj Murugan1258MAS 10w0 42b1 33w1 25b0 38w½ 26b0 64w1 45b14,50,032,516,00
29Nicholas Chin Guan Liang1272MAS 9b0 67w1 35b1 22w½ 23b½ 17b½ 30w0 52b14,50,032,515,50
30Benjamin Lee Kah Teng1500MAS 70w1 1w0 51b½ 46b0 64w1 47w1 29b1 10b04,50,032,014,00
31Koh Chun Hoong1345MAS 63w1 4b0 54w½ 10b0 62w1 51w1 22b0 46b14,50,029,512,50
32Tee Shun Yao1415MAS 34b0 49w1 39b1 23w1 4w0 25b0 52w1 17b04,00,034,015,00
33Lim Ming Kang1476MAS 56b1 15w0 28b0 48w1 49b1 41w1 4w0 20b04,00,034,014,00
34Lim Juan Teng1332MAS 32w1 13b0 53w1 45b0 43w1 19b0 40w1 16w04,00,033,515,00
35Shahmir Varqha0MAS 20w1 12b0 29w0 57b1 18w0 55b1 47w0 54b14,00,032,514,00
36Ryan Tey He Yang1382MAS 40w0 55b1 43w1 8b0 19w0 57b1 53w1 18w04,00,032,513,00
37Muhd Al-Amin Abdul Al-Fatah1461MAS 57w1 2b0 62w½ 54b1 21w0 52b½ 41w1 19w04,00,032,512,75
38Rayan Aidan Yusof1345MAS 68b1 22w0 66b1 15w0 28b½ 50w1 11b0 39w½4,00,030,511,25
39Tan Shu Fan1291MAS 6w½ 52b0 32w0 61b1 54w1 23w0 49b1 38b½4,00,030,013,75
40Hah Xian Jin1293MAS 36b1 16w0 41b0 49w0 44b1 66w1 34b0 51w14,00,029,513,00
41Chong Ming Ee1323MAS 71w1 3b0 40w1 17b0 55w1 33b0 37b0 53w14,00,029,510,50
42Anthony Teh Yong Keat0MAS 23b0 28w0 44b1 50w½ 51b0 65w½ 56b1 58w14,00,028,013,00
43Aldric Goh Ze Kai1227MAS 22b0 68w1 36b0 60w1 34b0 56w1 20b0 59b14,00,027,510,00
44Irfan Badzlin Badrul Hisham1266MAS 8w0 53b0 42w0 71b1 40w0 69b1 57w1 55b14,00,024,58,00
45Nicholas Tan Yi Quan1540MAS 50b1 47w1 1b0 34w1 16b½ 9w0 23b0 28w03,50,038,013,50
46Iskandar Farhat Zulkippli1301MAS 1b0 70w1 48b½ 30w1 24b0 11w0 50b1 31w03,50,035,511,75
47Lim Qi Yang1341MAS 64w1 45b0 57w1 12b½ 10w0 30b0 35b1 27w03,50,033,012,25
48Praavin Raj Tamilvanen1173MAS 12w0 20b1 46w½ 33b0 52w0 62b1 55w0 64b13,50,029,011,75
49Wong Kai Xi1221MAS 13w0 32b0 69w1 40b1 33w0 64b½ 39w0 62b13,50,027,59,25
50Chong Shao Zheng1232MAS 45w0 64b1 25w0 42b½ 70w1 38b0 46w0 63b13,50,026,08,50
51Akmal Zunurain Rizal1261MAS 7b0 19w1 30w½ 26b0 42w1 31b0 54w½ 40b03,00,035,012,75
52Jarell Cheong Tze Wen1338MAS 61b½ 39w1 5b0 24w0 48b1 37w½ 32b0 29w03,00,033,010,75
53Muhd Ikhwan Zainol Ariffin1061MAS 11b0 44w1 34b0 20b0 59w1 58w1 36b0 41b03,00,032,510,00
54Wan Mohd Aiman Wan Azha1198MAS 5b0 59w1 31b½ 37w0 39b0 63w1 51b½ 35w03,00,030,58,75
55Jismi Jesmani1177MAS 16b0 36w0 68b1 63w1 41b0 35w0 48b1 44w03,00,028,07,00
56Piravinraj Arumugam1097MAS 33w0 18b0 71w1 59b1 20w0 43b0 42w0 67b13,00,027,05,00
57Muhd Azham Arif Azhar1089MAS 37b0 65w1 47b0 35w0 60b1 36w0 44b0 66w13,00,026,57,00
58Jason Tan Wye-Ki1244MAS 24b0 69w1 17w0 19b0 68w1 53b0 67w1 42b03,00,026,04,50
59Syed Muqriz Asyraaf0MAS 21w0 54b0 67b1 56w0 53b0 60w1 66b1 43w03,00,023,56,00
60Divyeshen Krishne Ryaan Ramman0MAS 25w0 62b0 72w+ 43b0 57w0 59b0 69w1 70b13,00,023,06,00
61Muhd Mursyid Aziz0MAS 52w½ 6b0 20w0 39w0 63b½ 67b0 -1 71w13,00,023,04,50
62Jeevvanraj Nagaraj1246MAS 14b0 60w1 37b½ 27w0 31b0 48w0 68b1 49w02,50,029,06,00
63Kalaiarasu Anthony Raj0MAS 31b0 72w+ 18w0 55b0 61w½ 54b0 65w1 50w02,50,027,06,75
64Muhd Husnu Syahmi Husaini0MAS 47b0 50w0 70b1 66w1 30b0 49w½ 28b0 48w02,50,027,05,75
65Muhd Lukman Al-Hakim Muhd Yusu1296MAS 2w0 57b0 19w0 69b0 71w1 42b½ 63b0 68w12,50,025,04,00
66Muhd Aiman Haziq1190MAS 3w0 71b1 38w0 64b0 69w1 40b0 59w0 57b02,00,024,52,00
67Ariff Imran Kz1064MAS 27w0 29b0 59w0 70b0 -1 61w1 58b0 56w02,00,024,04,00
68Muhd Aliff Miezwan0MAS 38w0 43b0 55w0 -1 58b0 70b1 62w0 65b02,00,023,04,00
69Imran Shafiq Abdul Rahman0MAS 26w0 58b0 49b0 65w1 66b0 44w0 60b0 -12,00,023,03,50
70Muhd Zainur Amir Mohd Yusry1099MAS 30b0 46b0 64w0 67w1 50b0 68w0 71b1 60w02,00,020,02,00
71Syakir Asyraf Sirajuddin Selva0MAS 41b0 66w0 56b0 44w0 65b0 -1 70w0 61b01,00,021,01,00
72Gautham Balasubramaniam1244MAS 4w- 63b- 60b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,022,00,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable