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2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial Open A

Last update 26.07.2014 11:31:24, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 63)

Player info

NameMalisov Boris
Starting rank17
Rating national2233
Rating international2264
Performance rating2200
FIDE rtg +/--13,8
Year of birth 1945


11741Altshul Limor19182039ISR3,0w 1202,20
223GMGruenfeld Yehuda24492450ISR5,5- 1K
3213Zanan Evgeny22832334ISR5,0s ½200,60
449IMBirnboim Nathan23352328ISR5,0w ½202,00
578FMAharon Ofir23672391ISR5,5s 020-7,20
61034Kerner Michael20342075ISR4,0w 1204,20
741GMHuzman Alexander25892603ISR6,0s 020-2,60
81127FMGershkowich David21462197ISR5,5w ½20-3,20
9816Bakalchuk Johnatan22732335ISR6,0s 020-9,80
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