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Last update 08.03.2014 19:14:08, Creator/Last Upload: mr. george georgopoulos

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
12650ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α752012021,0
21832ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ752012018,5
453ΡΙΟΥ Α743011019,0
5302ο ΝΑΥΠΑΚΤΟΥ742110020,5
63759ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α750210017,5
71012ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α734010016,0
82346ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α73319019,0
956ΣΑΡΑΒΑΛΙΟΥ Β73319017,5
102144ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α74129017,5
11603ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α74129017,5
133960ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ74129017,0
141934ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α74129017,0
1555ΣΑΡΑΒΑΛΙΟΥ Α74129017,0
1650ΚΑΤΩ ΚΑΣΤΡΙΤΣΙΟΥ Β73228017,5
172546ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Γ73228016,0
181219ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α72418016,0
19805ο ΝΑΥΠΑΚΤΟΥ74038016,0
20503 ΝΑΥΠΑΚΤΟΥ74038015,5
213655ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ73228015,5
2249ΚΑΤΩ ΚΑΣΤΡΙΤΣΙΟΥ Α73228015,5
234064ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ73228014,5
241726ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ72418014,0
26101ο ΟΒΡΥΑΣ Α73137015,5
2746ΑΝΩ ΑΛΙΣΣΟΥ73137015,5
283353ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α72327014,5
29703ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β71517014,0
3045ΑΓ. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΥ Β73137013,5
313453ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β73137012,0
321625ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ B73137012,0
332850ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Γ72236014,0
342750ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β72236013,0
352951ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α72236012,5
362244ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β73046012,5
3744ΑΓ. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΥ Α72236012,0
38201ο ΟΒΡΥΑΣ Β72236012,0
392034ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β72236011,5
40908ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ72236010,5
413859ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β72145014,5
421319ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β72145013,0
4354ΡΙΟΥ Β71335011,5
442446ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β72145011,5
451419ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Γ72145011,0
461525ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ A72054010,0
473151ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Γ7124409,0
484165ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Α7124409,0
494265ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β7124409,0
503553ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Γ7124408,5
513252ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ7205408,0
523051ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β7205407,0
534365ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Γ7106206,0
541112ο ΠΑΤΡΩΝ Β1001000,0
56402ο ΟΒΡΥΑΣ1001000,0

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints
Tie Break3: points (game-points)