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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - C Division Girls

Last update 22.03.2014 11:45:52, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Anvitha RajaramCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
2Chan Hui YiMGSWestMGS Sec
3Chan Li Xuan BeverlyNUSWestNUS High
4Chong AudreyPLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
5Chua Wen Xuan TammyTKGEastTanjong Katong Girls' Sch
6Chwa ChanneRGSSoutRGS Sec
7Fam ElizabethNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
8Foo Kai EnRGSSoutRGS Sec
9Goh Xin Yi ClaireRGSSoutRGS Sec
10Hng EmmanuelleNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
11Ho Choy Mun GabrielleRGSSoutRGS Sec
12James IsobelRGSSoutRGS Sec
13Koh Hui Yi ValerieRGSSoutRGS Sec
14Koh Li ShuenCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
15Kwok Teng Yan MeganCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
16L KrishaaMGSWestMGS Sec
17Lai Rui Qian AmberNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
18Lim Qiu RongYTSNortYishun Town Sec
19Ng Yan Ying ChrislynRGSSoutRGS Sec
20Ramesh K DaksanaCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
21Sabharwal SachiRGSSoutRGS Sec
22Shu Zeqian DaisyNUSWestNUS High
23Siew Kai XinYTSNortYishun Town Sec
24Sim RachelMGSWestMGS Sec
25Sneha G JayaTWSWestTeck Whye Sec
26Methaul ShriBPSSoutBishan Park Sec
27Tan Peiqi EmilyCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
28Tan Si MinCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
29Tan Yan LynRGSSoutRGS Sec
30Tang Hui-Ting SarahTKGEastTanjong Katong Girls' Sch
31Tang ValerieMGSWestMGS Sec
32Tang Yan Jun AntoinettePLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
33Teo XiaorouNASEastNgee Ann Sec
34Vidhi Deepak ModiRGSSoutRGS Sec
35Xu RuochenRGSSoutRGS Sec
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