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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - C Division Boys

Last update 22.03.2014 11:46:17, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Akash G RajACISoutACS Independent
2Alagappan RamanathanVTSEastVictoria Sch
3Ang Ee XienNUSWestNUS High
4Benjamin AchmadJYSWestJuying Sec
5Chan JeromeHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
6Chan Yong Quan JosephACISoutACS Independent
7Chau Wei Xuan WilliamNASEastNgee Ann Sec
8Cheng Jun YuanACISoutACS Independent
9Chew Jun Ying JerrickNASEastNgee Ann Sec
10Chin MaximusNUSWestNUS High
11Chong Dominic AugustineSGSSoutSt Gabriel's Sec
12Chong Zhi XunNASEastNgee Ann Sec
13Chua Je En JohnACISoutACS Independent
14Chua Wee YeowHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
15Chua Yi Wei DerekACISoutACS Independent
16Diwan Mohamed IsmailMFSNortMontfort Sec
17Doshi DevanshSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
18Foo Jin Sau NicholasSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
19Foo Wei HengNASEastNgee Ann Sec
20Foo Zhi Yu ShawnSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
21Gan Chiu Kiat ChristopherACBSoutACS Barker
22Ghosh PranavSPSEastSt Pstrick's Sch
23Goh Jing Han CameronRISSoutRaffles Institution
24Goh Yijie JonathanACISoutACS Independent
25Gurdit EknathYTSNortYishun Town Sec
26Harish KumaarNUSWestNUS High
27Hemanth ChezhianSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
28Ho JoshRISSoutRaffles Institution
29Ho Jun Xiong NicholasRISSoutRaffles Institution
30Ho Rui Hwa JustinACISoutACS Independent
31Ho Tsu Jong WilliamSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
32Jacob Josh ANJCSoutNational JC
33Kamaraj ThirukumaranACISoutACS Independent
34Khoo JoelACISoutACS Independent
35Khoo KeithVTSEastVictoria Sch
36Kong Jie HaoSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
37Kow Wen Han JonathanACISoutACS Independent
38Lau Ende MatthewACISoutACS Independent
39Lau Xian Hui RudolphACISoutACS Independent
40Law DanielSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
41Law DominicSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
42Lee Chun Hian JeffreyNUSWestNUS High
43Lee I-ShiuanRVHWestRiver Valley High
44Lee Jie ElstanSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
45Lee Jun Ru KenzieSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
46Lee Jun WeiACISoutACS Independent
47Lee Qing AunVTSEastVictoria Sch
48Lee Shi HaoACISoutACS Independent
49Li Chun Wang JoshACISoutACS Independent
50Lian Tai Le TylerACISoutACS Independent
51Lim Jun AlvinCHSSoutCatholic High Sch
52Lim Jun WeiYTSNortYishun Town Sec
53Lim Jun Ying MalcolmRISSoutRaffles Institution
54Lim Kai Zheng JerickNASEastNgee Ann Sec
55Lim Qin Han JosephACBSoutACS Barker
56Lim Zhi JieYTSNortYishun Town Sec
57Liu XiangyiWLSSoutWhitley Sec
58Loh RyanCHSSoutCatholic High Sch
59Loh Wei Hao GregoryHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
60Low EthanVTSEastVictoria Sch
61Low Timothy JaredSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
62Low Yi Heng EugeneHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
63Low Yi Wei JonathanACISoutACS Independent
64M ChandruvelSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
65Md Amirul MukmininNASEastNgee Ann Sec
66Mounil SankarNUSWestNUS High
67Muhammad Ilham FahillahYTSNortYishun Town Sec
68Muhammad Zhoriff B Mohammed AYTSNortYishun Town Sec
69Ng BrightonVTSEastVictoria Sch
70Ng Ek Kieg EthanACBSoutACS Barker
71Ng Jian QiSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
72Ong Keng PingYTSNortYishun Town Sec
73Peh Hong Kah DylanSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
74Peter Sharvin SkandarajahACBSoutACS Barker
75Prittam RaviRISSoutRaffles Institution
76R N Christo LeonRISSoutRaffles Institution
77R N KirankumarSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
78R ThineshSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
79Rajah LoganSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
80Ramachandran YavanikSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
81Rishe BabuSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
82Selvakumar Karthik AdharshYTSNortYishun Town Sec
83Selvaraju PavanrajRISSoutRaffles Institution
84Sentil Kumar ArunraghavendrenYTSNortYishun Town Sec
85Seow Xiang Wen EdwinTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
86Sivaji Joshua PaulSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
87Sivakumar AshvinRISSoutRaffles Institution
88So Jun Hong GlennFMSSoutFairfield Methodist Sec
89Soundara Rajan VigneshADSNortAnderson Sec
90Sow Miao Xuan BryanRISSoutRaffles Institution
91Syed Syabil Akif B Syed ZNASEastNgee Ann Sec
92Tan Aik YoungTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
93Tan Gin Hao Joel AndersonACBSoutACS Barker
94Tan JeremyTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
95Tan JovanSPSEastSt Patrick's Sch
96Tan Jun HaoHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
97Tan Sek Huai PhilipHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
98Tan TommyACISoutACS Independent
99Tan Yin Rong EdwinHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
100Tan Zhong KaiVTSEastVictoria Sch
101Tan Zi HanNHHWestNan Hua High
102Thenarianto CalvinNASEastNgee Ann Sec
103Tin JingyaoHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
104Tye MarquesNUSWestNUS High
105Wong Chien Rong KevinACISoutACS Independent
106Woon Jun Hao BenedictMSHNortMaris Stella High
107Woong Zhi Wei WilliamACISoutACS Independent
108Xuan ZihanRISSoutRaffles Institution
109Yao JiaxinHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
110Yeo Zhi Hao CephasVTSEastVictoria Sch
111Zhao TongzhouNUSWestNUS High
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