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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - B Division Girls

Last update 22.03.2014 11:47:20, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Anastasia PatricksPLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
2Aw TanyaMGSWestMGS Sec
3Chan JoanneNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
4Divakaran HarithaCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
5Elangovan GayathriPLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
6Fam Jia En VictoriaNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
7Foo Zhi Xin AndreaNJCSoutNational JC
8Gao MingCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
9Hii Kai Li AnnabelRGSSoutRGS Sec
10Ho En Ying MichelleNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
11Hoo Ka HeiCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
12Jia LingPLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
13Koh JessiePLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
14Leong Kaylen AyanoRGSSoutRGS Sec
15Liang ZhiyangGESSoutGan Eng Seng Sch
16Lim Kang Li AdaRGSSoutRGS Sec
17Lo Yin YiNJCSoutNational JC
18Lu LuCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
19Neha ShankarRGSSoutRGS Sec
20Peng LihongCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
21Riyas NaazneenCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
22Seah Xin YunNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
23Sharifa Ayesha P AbdulgapulCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
24Soh Hui Jun RachelNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
25Tan Chern YinYTSNortYishun Town Sec
26Tan Le SzePLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
27Tan Pei SiPLSEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
28Tan Si‪ Jie GraceCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
29Tan Xin YiRVHWestRiver Valley High
30Tan Zi Ling JenniferMGSWestMGS Sec
31Yeo Anning CharisDMHEastDunman High
32Yeoh Hsin Yee ClariceRGSSoutRGS Sec
33Yeoh Hsin Ying CandiceNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
34Yoong Hui XuanRGSSoutRGS Sec
35Yow Wei NicoleRGSSoutRGS Sec
36Yunn Wei YeeCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
37Zhao JiayiNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
38Yong Hui TingESPEast
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