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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - A Division Girls

Last update 28.03.2014 08:41:41, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Ang JoyceHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
2Ang Mei Choo Sara-AnnRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
3Chak Jun QiHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
4Ho Choy Ying FreyaRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
5Hu YidiNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
6Koh Wei Ping EileenRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
7Moh Su JinHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
8Najwa Jia Hui RujokHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
9Ng Clare SophiaRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
10Cheska NodadoJJCWestJurong JC
11Poh Hui-Li PhyllisNUSWestNUS High
12Tan Si WenACISoutACS Independent
13Tang Hao En RachelRVHWestRiver Valley High
14Xuan LinjingCGSSoutCrescent Girls' Sch
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