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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - A Division Boys

Last update 28.03.2014 08:42:02, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Chan Guan HaoNUSWestNUS High
2Chan Jian HuaHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
3Chen Tian ZeSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
4Chia Cheng-Yi AloysiusTMCEastTemasek JC
5Chia Ren ShengNUSWestNUS High
6Ching Jia WeiRVHWestRiver Valley High
7Choo Yih Shin JeremiahRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
8Goh Jie Xuan DelvinNUSWestNUS High
9Ho Hong HaoTPCEastTampines JC
10Howe Choong YinNUSWestNUS High
11Huang JonahVJCEastVictoria JC
12Iskandar B AbdullahACISoutACS Independent
13Sta Maria JarenNUSWestNUS High
14Jung YounghoonNJCSoutNational JC
15Koh Wei Heng JeffreyRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
16Koh Yen Hin BenedictRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
17Lai Quan Rong JustinTPCEastTampines JC
18Lau Yan HanNUSWestNUS High
19Lee Kah WinHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
20Lee Yong Jie RichardNUSWestNUS High
21Leow Wen BinNUSWestNUS High
22Lieu Zheng HongHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
23Lim De Dao LinsonCJCSoutCatholic JC
24Lim Zi Jie MatthewNUSWestNUS High
25Ling Jin Sheng TimothyYJCNortYishun JC
26Low DeonVJCEastVictoria JC
27Low TimothyNUSWestNUS High
28Nee Kok Hin JonathanRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
29Neo Wei ShengRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
30Ng Jun HaoRVHWestRiver Valley High
31Nguyen HungJJCWestJurong JC
32Ong Zhi Xian TommyRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
33Sitoh Ying Hao ElliotMJCEastMeridian JC
34TPC Thai Yu IanTPCEastTampines JC
35Tan Chee Hian DanielHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
36Tan RyanVJCEastVictoria JC
37Tan UrielNUSWestNUS high
38Tang Jun Da DarylRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
39Tay Yi Jiang AceRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
40Teo Jia Xuan JovenVJCEastVictoria JC
41Varughese John GeorgeACCWestAnglo Chinese JC
42Wang ZijunRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
43Wee Chun Jie EugeneACISoutACS Independent
44Wong DylanNUSWestNUS High
45Wong Shern Yang JonathanACISoutACS Independent
46Wu MuyuRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
47Yap Kee Him LouisNUSWestNUS High
48Zou Rui JohnyHCIWestHwa Chong Institution
49Nguyen Duc HungJJCWestJurong JC
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