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46th International Ladie`s Grandmaster Tournament

Last update 11.03.2014 16:04:46, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team MDA

8IMPetrenko SvetlanaMDA221600½½0½½002,010GM

Player details

IM Petrenko Svetlana 2216 MDA Rp:2028 Pts. 2,0
13WIMRakic Marija2304SRB4,5s 0GM
24IMVega Gutierrez Sabrina2379ESP7,5w 0GM
35WGMSzczepkowska-Horowska Karina2396POL6,0s ½GM
46WIMEric Jovana2209SRB3,5w ½GM
57WGMChelushkina Irina2261SRB6,0s 0GM
610Velikic Adela2078SRB2,5s ½GM
79WIMVega Gutierrez Belinda2203ESP5,0w ½GM
81WGMStojanovic Andjelija2295SRB5,5s 0GM
92WFMZarkovic Mila2107SRB2,5w 0GM