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Pojedinacno zensko prvenstvo centralne Srbije 2014

Last update 23.03.2014 13:44:47, Creator/Last Upload: boban milojevic

Starting rank

1WGMChelushkina IrinaSRB2261
2WGMMaksimovic SuzanaSRB2240
3WIMPetrovic MarijaSRB2113
4WFMUrosevic MarijaSRB2056
5Milosevic JovanaSRB1990
6Tomin KsenijaSRB1959
7Dragojevic MarijaSRB1942
8Zlatanovic JovanaSRB1716
9Petrovic TamaraSRB1668
10Miljkovic JovanaSRB1667
11Petrovic TijanaSRB1663
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