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23. kiirmaleturniir "Meenutades Paul Kerest" - eelturniir 10-11. jaanuar 2014

Last update 14.01.2014 08:59:01, Creator/Last Upload: Estonian Chess Support Organization

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMSveshnikov Vladimir2386LAT 21b1 45w1 15b0 29w1 24b1 7w1 13b16,021,529,526,5
2IMSepp Olav2442EST 41b1 12w1 10b1 13w½ 7b½ 9w1 3w½5,524,533,029,5
3GMKanep Meelis2446EST 70w1 32b1 60w1 14b½ 22w+ 13w½ 2b½5,521,529,027,0
4GMShvyrjov Igor2351EST 42b1 23w1 13b0 45w1 17b½ 15w1 20b15,520,528,025,0
5WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2275LAT 52w1 37b1 8w0 28b½ 26b1 23w1 17b15,520,028,025,0
6Soot Margus2123EST 50b1 7w0 65b1 48w1 10b½ 19w1 14b15,520,027,025,0
7GMVolodin Aleksandr2425EST 69w1 6b1 20w1 8b½ 2w½ 1b0 16w15,025,033,031,0
8GMBurmakin Vladimir2551RUS 33b1 39w1 5b1 7w½ 9b½ 14w½ 10b½5,023,532,529,0
9Soskov Vjatsheslav2279EST 57b1 36w½ 29w1 16b1 8w½ 2b0 28w15,021,530,027,0
10Ezov Roman2231EST 35w1 54b1 2w0 37b1 6w½ 40b1 8w½5,021,029,526,5
11Kanep Siim2244EST 71w1 16b½ 62w1 18b0 28w½ 25b1 27w15,019,025,523,5
12WIMFomina Tatyana2172EST 58w1 2b0 21w0 65b1 31w1 47b1 24w15,017,024,522,5
13GMSveshnikov Evgeny2552LAT 68w1 17b1 4w1 2b½ 14w½ 3b½ 1w04,525,034,031,0
14FMShishkov Andrei2313EST 34w1 27b1 18w1 3w½ 13b½ 8b½ 6w04,523,032,528,5
15Remmel Anto2216EST 66w1 26b1 1w1 22b0 18w½ 4b0 40w14,522,030,028,0
16Tominga Eke2002EST 48b1 11w½ 36b1 9w0 38b1 22w1 7b04,522,030,027,0
17Kukk Sander2187EST 76b1 13w0 41b1 21b1 4w½ 18b1 5w04,522,028,527,5
18GMKulaots Kaido2568EST 25b1 24w1 14b0 11w1 15b½ 17w0 36b14,521,530,026,5
19IMSeeman Tarvo2369EST 31w1 29b0 25w1 27b1 20w½ 6b0 37w14,521,030,026,5
20Valner Uku2227EST 61b1 43w1 7b0 46w1 19b½ 36w1 4w04,519,527,525,0
21Nikulin Oleg1849EST 1w0 49b1 12b1 17w0 45b½ 60w+ 38w14,519,028,025,0
22Sharankov Grigori2243RUS 65b1 46w½ 40b1 15w1 3b- 16b0 41w14,518,526,024,0
23Rauk Tonu2097EST 55w1 4b0 52w1 60b½ 33w1 5b0 35w½4,020,529,026,0
24Vorobjov Pavel2189EST 30b1 18b0 68w1 54b1 1w0 46w1 12b04,019,528,525,5
25Petrov Aleksandr1958EST 18w0 30b1 19b0 76w1 39b1 11w0 51b14,019,525,524,5
26Jakobson Silver1969EST 38b1 15w0 43b1 32b1 5w0 37b½ 39w½4,019,028,024,5
27WFMNarva Regina2093EST 53b1 14w0 61b1 19w0 51b1 30w1 11b04,019,026,524,0
28FMOzolins Aris2059LAT 63b½ 64w1 46b½ 5w½ 11b½ 48w1 9b04,018,526,524,0
29WFMPavlova Alina2101RUS 72b1 19w1 9b0 1b0 47w- 66w1 47w14,018,026,024,0
30Dudarev Dmitry1671RUS 24w0 25w0 78b1 68b1 32w1 27b0 46w14,018,023,022,0
31Maido Erki1822EST 19b0 72w1 38b½ 39w½ 12b0 50w1 49b14,017,524,522,5
32Kuusk Andres2139EST 51b1 3w0 47b1 26w0 30b0 61w1 58b14,016,023,521,0
33Narva Mai1927EST 8w0 56b1 39b½ 73w1 23b0 49w½ 53b14,016,022,521,0
34Sander Jaan1791EST 14b0 53w1 45b0 50w0 74b1 59w1 48b14,015,021,019,5
35Otsmann Villu1731EST 10b0 77w1 67b½ 38w0 73b1 45w1 23b½4,014,020,019,0
36Muutnik Valdo2087EST 44w1 9b½ 16w0 62b1 42w1 20b0 18w03,520,027,525,0
37Jarvet Juri2085EST 59b1 5w0 51b1 10w0 50b1 26w½ 19b03,519,528,025,0
38Liivamets Uku2131EST 26w0 66b1 31w½ 35b1 16w0 42b1 21b03,519,025,523,5
39Korstin Maris2188EST 56w1 8b0 33w½ 31b½ 25w0 65b1 26b½3,518,525,523,5
40Sarv Arvo2078EST 62w½ 73b1 22w0 55b1 60w+ 10w0 15b03,518,525,023,5
41Teemae Leo1921EST 2w0 58b1 17w0 66b½ 55w1 63b1 22b03,517,525,023,0
42Ivanov Platon-Jaan1801EST 4w0 55b½ 44w1 67b1 36b0 38w0 60w+3,516,023,521,5
43Turu Indrek2000EST 75w1 20b0 26w0 61b0 62w1 44b½ 63w13,515,021,019,5
44Makko Matti1832EST 36b0 57w½ 42b0 56w½ 76b1 43w½ 67w13,514,018,517,5
45Taliharm Andrus2123EST 49w1 1b0 34w1 4b0 21w½ 35b0 52w½3,020,529,526,5
46Nikitin Pjotr2031EST 78w1 22b½ 28w½ 20b0 61w1 24b0 30b03,019,025,024,0
47Viidu Raivo1755EST 60w0 74b1 32w0 53b1 29b+ 12w0 29b03,018,525,023,5
48Mednikov Aleksandr1577EST 16w0 71b1 64w1 6b0 54w1 28b0 34w03,018,025,523,5
49Sander Heike1892EST 45b0 21w0 70w1 52b½ 57w1 33b½ 31w03,017,023,021,0
50Laigna Marko1912EST 6w0 69b1 54w0 34b1 37w0 31b0 71w13,016,524,022,0
51Kuusik Juri2020EST 32w0 70b1 37w0 69b1 27w0 54b1 25w03,016,522,520,5
52Staub Madis1780EST 5b0 59w1 23b0 49w½ 63b0 73w1 45b½3,015,522,521,0
53Shamray Vladimir1868EST 27w0 34b0 71w1 47w0 56b1 64b1 33w03,015,521,519,5
54Tominga Ago1988EST 77b1 10w0 50b1 24w0 48b0 51w0 66b13,015,021,020,0
55Niinepuu Elmar1872EST 23b0 42w½ 63b1 40w0 41b0 70b½ 69w13,014,020,018,0
56Uurits Karel1638EST 39b0 33w0 74w½ 44b½ 53w0 68b+ 73b13,013,018,517,0
57Vosu Aare1781EST 9w0 44b½ 73w0 77w1 49b0 62b½ 65w13,012,518,517,5
58Dudarev Kiril1396RUS 12b0 41w0 77b0 78w1 68w+ 67b1 32w03,012,518,517,5
59Koemets Aivar1831EST 37w0 52b0 66w0 71b1 69w1 34b0 70w13,012,518,516,5
60Valgmae Toomas2245EST 47b1 67w1 3b0 23w½ 40b- 21b- 42b-2,518,525,523,5
61Poldoja Ants1716EST 20w0 75b1 27w0 43w1 46b0 32b0 62w½2,517,023,021,5
62Haabu Aare1752EST 40b½ 63w1 11b0 36w0 43b0 57w½ 61b½2,515,523,020,5
63Rozenblit David1622EST 28w½ 62b0 55w0 64b1 52w1 41w0 43b02,515,522,019,5
64Iljitshov Vladimir2052EST 73w½ 28b0 48b0 63w0 72b1 53w0 75b12,512,017,516,0
65Viikmaa Karmen1749EST 22w0 78b1 6w0 12w0 77b1 39w0 57b02,017,524,023,0
66Poom Mati1687EST 15b0 38w0 59b1 41w½ 67w½ 29b0 54w02,017,524,022,0
67Saraikin Sergey2039EST 74b1 60b0 35w½ 42w0 66b½ 58w0 44b02,015,020,519,0
68Mirme Heino1941EST 13b0 76w1 24b0 30w0 58b- 56w- 77b12,014,520,019,0
69Rytova Merike1865EST 7b0 50w0 72b1 51w0 59b0 74w1 55b02,014,020,519,0
70WFMSagadijeva Anna1924EST 3b0 51w0 49b0 74w½ 75b1 55w½ 59b02,013,520,018,5
71Urgas Jaan1750EST 11b0 48w0 53b0 59w0 78b1 77w1 50b02,013,019,018,0
72Rosenvald Helmut1829EST 29w0 31b0 69w0 75b½ 64w0 76w1 74b½2,011,517,016,0
73Juhtund Margus1618EST 64b½ 40w0 57b1 33b0 35w0 52b0 56w01,515,522,019,5
74Kalvet Tonu1612EST 67w0 47w0 56b½ 70b½ 34w0 69b0 72w½1,511,017,015,0
75Aro Andres1300EST 43b0 61w0 76b0 72w½ 70w0 78b1 64w01,510,014,513,5
76Ozols Andris1587LAT 17w0 68b0 75w1 25b0 44w0 72b0 78w01,014,019,518,5
77Saar Ivari1300EST 54w0 35b0 58w1 57b0 65w0 71b0 68w01,013,519,517,5
78Domoskanov Ivan1579EST 46b0 65w0 30w0 58b0 71w0 75w0 76b11,011,016,015,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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