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Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014 - Masters

Last update 06.02.2014 18:07:57, Creator: stephen boyd ffe,Last Upload: ia laurent freyd

Player overview for SVK

106WGMKochetkova Julia2351SVK10½101010½5,0122228715-8,55Masters
152Zvarik Martin2216SVK01001½0½½14,5167208415-27,30Masters

Results of the last round for SVK

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
1063149Vea Odin Blikra2217 ½ - ½ WGMKochetkova Julia2351106
1091152Zvarik Martin2216 1 - 0 Nejanky Maisa2040199

Player details for SVK

WGM Kochetkova Julia 2351 SVK Rp:2287 Pts. 5,0
1236Cruz Fiallos Hamilton Tarley1844VEN3,0w 10,920,08151,20
237GMSalem A.R. Saleh2564UAE7,0s 00,23-0,2315-3,45
3177Burrows Martin P2126ENG4,5w ½0,78-0,2815-4,20
4210Reppen Ellisiv1995NOR3,5s 10,890,11151,65
541GMGopal G.N.2550IND6,5w 00,24-0,2415-3,60
6167Kvisla Johannes Luangtep2154NOR4,5s 10,750,25153,75
743GMSpraggett Kevin2544CAN6,5w 00,25-0,2515-3,75
8146FMScharrer Patrick2220ITA4,5s 10,680,32154,80
921GMGeorgiev Kiril2653BUL5,5w 00,15-0,1515-2,25
10149Vea Odin Blikra2217NOR5,0s ½0,68-0,1815-2,70
Zvarik Martin 2216 SVK Rp:2084 Pts. 4,5
126GMWei Yi2607CHN7,0s 00,09-0,0915-1,35
2220Krokay Urszula1926POL3,5w 10,840,16152,40
376WGMGuo Qi2450CHN6,0s 00,21-0,2115-3,15
4196Freuler Roman2048SUI4,0w 00,72-0,7215-10,80
5202Weinstein Shaul2025ISR4,0s 10,750,25153,75
6197Skutta Bernd Dr.2048GER3,5w ½0,72-0,2215-3,30
7200Stewart Ashley2038ENG4,5s 00,73-0,7315-10,95
8211Spanton Tim R1995ENG3,0w ½0,78-0,2815-4,20
9201Hughes Roy2027ENG3,5s ½0,75-0,2515-3,75
10199Nejanky Maisa2040ARG3,5w 10,730,27154,05