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WYCC U12 Open Classic

Last update 28.12.2013 17:19:02, Creator: all india chess federation,Last Upload: alain chess club

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1Hakobyan Aram2015ARM124b1 65w1 30b1 10w½ 5b1 15b1 3w1 8b½ 2w1 13w1 4b½9,50,0855,02401
2FMRaghunandan K. Srihari2168IND120b1 89w1 44b1 12w1 8b0 17w1 38b1 4w1 1b0 9w½ 13b18,50,0852,02190
3Lobanov Sergei2239RUS129b1 56w1 62b1 28w1 4b0 22w1 1b0 38w1 26w½ 41b1 15w18,50,0849,52203
4Kevlishvili Robby2070NED169w1 87b1 33w1 93b1 3w1 37b½ 8w½ 2b0 80w1 7b1 1w½8,50,0750,02217
5Deac Bogdan-Daniel2276ROU 73w1 83b1 7w1 42b½ 1w0 67b1 94w1 26b½ 11w½ 19b1 8w18,50,0749,52193
6FMGholami Aryan2192IRI 69b1 81w1 28b0 31w1 44b1 13w½ 41b1 9w½ 54b1 8w½ 14b18,50,0748,52158
7CMSargsyan Shant1998ARM136b1 78w1 5b0 50w1 89b1 10w0 51b1 17w1 60b1 4w0 37b18,00,0848,02147
8FMEsipenko Andrey2287RUS126b1 94w1 41b½ 43w1 2w1 42b1 4b½ 1w½ 29w1 6b½ 5b08,00,0652,02218
9Raja Harshit1934IND165w1 47b½139w1 21b0 20w1 16b1 34w1 6b½ 18w1 2b½ 26w½8,00,0651,02050
10FMTabatabaei M.Amin2200IRI178w1 53b1 35w1 1b½ 11w½ 7b1 37w½ 13b0 93w1 26b½ 31w18,00,0650,02128
11Zhou Chen1958CHN130b1184w1 60b½ 26w1 10b½ 85w1 30b0 22w1 5b½ 37w½ 39b18,00,0648,52208
12Vokhidov Shamsiddin1943UZB137b1201w1 29w1 2b0 34w0120b1 25w½ 21b1 19w0 58b1 42w17,50,0747,51986
13Siva Mahadevan2017IND139w0130b1123w1168b1 53w1 6b½ 15w1 10w1 37b1 1b0 2w07,50,0747,02060
14Agibileg Uurtsaikh1758MGL181w1 38b½ 25w0175b1119w1 35b1 21w1 37b0 42w1 29b1 6w07,50,0747,01995
15FMZhu Yi2082CHN 57b1 24w½106b1140w1 41b1 1w0 13b0 90w1 66b1 43w1 3b07,50,0746,52061
16Nguyen Thai Dai Van2201CZE 97b1 55w½ 24b1 41w0 79b1 9w0 31w0109b1138w1103b1 61w17,50,0743,51908
17Harikrishnan.A.Ra1988IND100w1 66b0125w1 78b1 68w1 2b0 67w1 7b0 92w1 46b1 29w½7,50,0742,51828
18Kozak Adam2180HUN123w1103b½105w1 25b½ 64w1 38b0 82b1 28w1 9b0 80w1 23b½7,50,0645,01982
19FMRakesh Kumar Jena2059IND157b1 74w1 32b½ 51w½ 94b½ 66w1 80b0 56w1 12b1 5w0 43b17,50,0644,52021
20Davtyan Artur1758ARM 68b1 43w½ 90b1 54w0 9b0124w1140b½ 51w1 62b½ 44w1 60b17,50,0644,51997
21Lu Albert2062USA143b1148w1 51b½ 9w1 80b½ 82w½ 14b0 12w0 74b1 94w1 62b17,50,0644,01917
22Zhalmakhanov Ramazan2059KAZ127w1138b½ 71w1 84b½ 83w1 3b0 33w1 11b0 95w½ 81b1 52w17,50,0642,51998
23CMShevchenko Kirill2076UKR171w1 45b1 93w0 67b0 73w1 70b½107w1 61b½ 83w1 59b1 18w½7,50,0642,01991
24Vaitkevicius Paulius1825LTU176w1 15b½ 16w0122b1 52w0 76b1119w½108b½ 72w1 93b1 41w17,50,0641,01781
25Saydaliev Saidakbar2011UZB118b1106w½ 14b1 18w½ 51b0 50w1 12b½ 55w1 30b1 39w½ 27b½7,50,0548,52084
26Yakubboev Nodirbek2062UZB121w1 70b1 84w½ 11b0141w1 81b1 42w1 5w½ 3b½ 10w½ 9b½7,50,0548,02106
27Aleksandrov Zakhar2210RUS142w1105b½103w½ 45b1 63w0 31b½ 70w1 93b½ 84w1 33b1 25w½7,50,0543,02019
28Schmidek Emil1994GER122w1107b1 6w1 3b0 67w0138b1102w1 18b0 46w0116b1 91w17,00,0742,01914
29FMGadimbayli Abdulla2072AZE 52b1 67w1 12b0148w1 36b1 51w1 60b½ 30w1 8b0 14w0 17b½7,00,0648,52064
30CMLi Ruifeng2291USA 99w1 61b1 1w0 32w½106b1 48b1 11w1 29b0 25w0 91b1 36w½7,00,0647,51930
31Ivannikau Maksim1826BLR108w1 37b0156w1 6b0121w1 27w½ 16b1 40b½ 64w1 54w1 10b07,00,0647,02020
32Garayev Kanan Farzali1741AZE109w1 86b1 19w½ 30b½ 38w0 40b0131w1105b1 33w0119b1 64w17,00,0644,01931
33Asadli Vugar Afgan1936AZE160b1 82w1 4b0129w½167b1 52w½ 22b0106w1 32b1 27w0 68b17,00,0643,51773
34Buckels Valentin2061GER154b1168w1 66b0 74w1 12b1 80w½ 9b0 94w1 43b0 56w1 38b½7,00,0643,51971
35Shemyakin Valeriy1967UKR135b1 49w1 10b0167w½129b1 14w0 74b1 82w1 39b0 53w½ 67w17,00,0641,51850
36Di Benedetto Edoardo1955ITA182w1 96b0170w1 88b1 29w0126b1 85b½ 39w0 57b1 66w1 30b½7,00,0641,51948
37FMIoannidis Evgenios2089GRE 98b1 31w1 64b1 66w½ 54b1 4w½ 10b½ 14w1 13w0 11b½ 7w07,00,0550,52039
38Konaplev Anton1996RUS132b1 14w½158b1 60w½ 32b1 18w1 2w0 3b0 81w½ 45b1 34w½7,00,0547,52037
39Fakhrutdinov Timur2121RUS170w½ 76b1 55w1 63b½ 48w½ 94b0 71w1 36b1 35w1 25b½ 11w07,00,0545,51984
40Miesbauer Jan1989CZE104b1158w½ 88b½ 65w1 82b0 32w1 56b½ 31w½ 91b0 69w1 80b17,00,0542,01731
41Radovanovic Mihajlo2014SRB161w1102b1 8w½ 16b1 15w0107b1 6w0116b1 45w1 3w0 24b06,50,0648,02029
42Checa Nicolas D2053USA144b1 50w1 96b1 5w½ 66b1 8w0 26b0 53w1 14b0 55w1 12b06,50,0647,51967
43Roshka Yevgeniy1968UKR183w1 20b½116w1 8b0102w0117b1 58w1 47b1 34w1 15b0 19w06,50,0646,01864
44Miyasaka Marcus M1974USA150w1 77b1 2w0 58b1 6w0 46b1116w½ 45b0 71w1 20b0102w16,50,0644,51892
45Petkov Matey1833BUL190b1 23w0157b1 27w0 57b½ 49w1 68b1 44w1 41b0 38w0104b16,50,0644,01775
46Marthandan K U1788IND114b1 62w0104b0135w1118b1 44w0157b1 75w1 28b1 17w0 51b½6,50,0641,51810
47Xie Luke0USA167b1 9w½ 80b0 79w0128b1 88w1 89b1 43w0 55b0106w1115b16,50,0641,51875
48Martin Julian1934GER152b0163w1120b1 69w1 39b½ 30w0 66b0 49w1 52b0 98w1107b16,50,0641,01816
49Munemane Ameya1705IND208w+ 35b0 61w½105b1 81w0 45b0187w1 48b0183w1141b1103w16,50,0639,51789
50Parvanyan Ashot1789ARM185w1 42b0112w1 7b0161w1 25b0171w1 92b0166w½150b1 93w16,50,0636,51641
51Ivic Velimir1935SRB153w1187b1 21w½ 19b½ 25w1 29b0 7w0 20b0171w1109b1 46w½6,50,0546,01771
52Gantsooj Ganzorig1647MGL 29w0177b1 95w1 56w½ 24b1 33b½ 64w0 67b½ 48w1 75w1 22b06,50,0544,51923
53Stoleriu George1877ROU211w+ 10w0 57b1104w1 13b0 68w½127b1 42b0108w1 35b½ 63w½6,50,0543,51740
54Burri Quentin2052FRA166w½188b1138w1 20b1 37w0102b½ 84w1 64b1 6w0 31b0 59w½6,50,0543,01907
55FMQuirhuayo Gonzalo1858PER155w1 16b½ 39b0143w½125w1139b1 63w½ 25b0 47w1 42b0108w16,50,0542,01729
56Ozen Deniz1896TUR191w1 3b0169w1 52b½139w½108b1 40w½ 19b0150w1 34b0111w16,50,0541,01699
57Keinanen Toivo1670FIN 15w0198b1 53w0189b1 45w½105b½141w½ 70b1 36w0138b1 95w16,50,0539,51785
58Karimzada Mahammad1752AZE146b½147w½201b1 44w0112b½113w1 43b0160w1140b1 12w0 94b16,50,0537,51578
59Tryggestad Andreas Garberg1848NOR187w0203b1121w1 68b0171w1 92b½ 91w½111b1119w1 23w0 54b½6,50,0537,01537
60Matviishen Viktor2154UKR125w1 95b1 11w½ 38b½ 93w1 63b1 29w½ 80b½ 7w0 61b½ 20w06,50,0446,01982
61Brinovec David1910SLO195b1 30w0 49b½158w½ 69b1104w½ 79b1 23w½ 85b1 60w½ 16b06,50,0443,01931
62Gungl Theo1997GER156w1 46b1 3w0102b½ 71w1116b½ 83w½ 81b½ 20w½ 95b1 21w06,50,0442,51919
63CMNitish Belurkar1978IND128b1 88w½ 72b1 39w½ 27b1 60w0 55b½ 66w0120b½ 65w1 53b½6,50,0442,51862
64Aliyev Ravan Azar1956AZE203w1159b1 37w0 77b1 18b0 65w1 52b1 54w0 31b0120w1 32b06,00,0644,01853
65Szabo Marcell1787USA214w+ 1b0109w1 40b0150w1 64b0166w1119b0118w1 63b0139w16,00,0638,01723
66Nydick Brandon1776USA151b1 17w1 34w1 37b½ 42w0 19b0 48w1 63b1 15w0 36b0 84w½6,00,0548,01956
67Wong Yinn Long1824MAS213w+ 29b0100w1 23w1 28b1 5w0 17b0 52w½ 82b½ 85w1 35b06,00,0547,01862
68Wang Zihao0CHN 20w0183b1 73w1 59w1 17b0 53b½ 45w0126b½142w1 87b1 33w06,00,0542,51829
69Santryan Davit1718ARM 6w0111b1 86w1 48b0 61w0155b1103w½ 87b½105w1 40b0119w16,00,0541,01844
70Stein Robert1814GER172b1 26w0184b1 85w0143b1 23w½ 27b0 57w0127b1 96w1 92w½6,00,0541,01727
71FMKandil Adham1800EGY113b½145w1 22b0124w1 62b0184w1 39b0143w1 44b0157w1 86b½6,00,0539,51824
72Zeng Lingqi0CHN117w½110b1 63w0 86b0122w0133b1144b1 88w1 24b0 99w1 89b½6,00,0539,51776
73Oboladze Luka1728GEO 5b0194w1 68b0163w1 23b0101w1112b1 95b0131w1 86w½ 83b½6,00,0539,01610
74Erdemdalai Yondonjamts1797MGL134w1 19b0187w1 34b0166w½122b1 35w0184b1 21w0139b½121w16,00,0538,51683
75Poghosyan Tigran2083GER 96w0135b1 97w1141b½138w½ 87b1 93w0 46b0123w1 52b0125w16,00,0537,01776
76Kaluarachchi Achinthya Shamen1627SRI 85b½ 39w0113b0202w1146b1 24w0174b1148w½115b0131w1140b16,00,0536,51590
77Ariza Thomas1764FRA174b1 44w0152b1 64w0100b0132w1145b1140w½ 94b0137w1 90b½6,00,0536,51693
78Lilov Aleksandr1777RUS199w1 7b0131w1 17w0104b0150b½122w1147b½111w0161b1128w16,00,0534,51484
79Gomez Perez Jaidor S.1771COL175w½197b1119w0 47b1 16w0187b1 61w0150b0124w1147b½149w16,00,0534,51441
80Sedykh Egor1909RUS197w½173b1 47w1119b1 21w½ 34b½ 19w1 60w½ 4b0 18b0 40w06,00,0447,01841
81Rahul Srivatshav P1843IND212b+ 6b0127w1 91w½ 49b1 26w0104b1 62w½ 38b½ 22w0 82b½6,00,0444,51717
82Garidmagnai Byambasuren0MGL141w1 33b0117w1103b1 40w1 21b½ 18w0 35b0 67w½ 83b½ 81w½6,00,0443,51958
83Chukavin Kirill1906EST180b1 5w0 98b1 96w1 22b0100w1 62b½ 85w½ 23b0 82w½ 73w½6,00,0443,01774
84Saurabh Anand1921IND194b1 92w1 26b½ 22w½ 85b0 96w1 54b0110w1 27b0104w½ 66b½6,00,0442,51809
85Gaifullin Artur2061RUS 76w½170b½178w1 70b1 84w1 11b0 36w½ 83b½ 61w0 67b0123w16,00,0441,01859
86Lisnyak Vladislav1972UKR101b1 32w0 69b0 72w1 97b0118w1 92w½142b½125w1 73b½ 71w½6,00,0439,51599
87Zenchanka Pavel1826BLR179b1 4w0124b½154w1 91b½ 75w0 96b½ 69w½ 97b1 68w0120b+6,00,0439,01550
88Leisch Lukas1749AUT186w1 63b½ 40w½ 36w0109b½ 47b0128w1 72b0156w½122b1147w16,00,0439,01452
89Kalavannan Koby1834ENG177w1 2b0161w1 92b1 7w0 91b½ 47w0123b½121w½166b1 72w½6,00,0438,51464
90Coiffait Pierre-Basile1965FRA188w½166b1 20w0110b1107w0 99b1123w1 15b0116w½111b½ 77w½6,00,0438,51736
91Xing Jiacheng0CHN110w½117b½ 99w1 81b½ 87w½ 89w½ 59b½102b1 40w1 30w0 28b06,00,0341,51913
92Zhu Jeffrey Xin-Yu0CAN -1 84b0142w1 89w0159b1 59w½ 86b½ 50w1 17b0115w½ 70b½6,00,0341,01846
93Fendereski Nima1956IRI163b1152w1 23b1 4w0 60b0 97w1 75b1 27w½ 10b0 24w0 50b05,50,0547,01903
94CMDerakhshani Borna1911IRI111w1 8b0171w1159b1 19w½ 39w1 5b0 34b0 77w1 21b0 58w05,50,0547,01913
95Pitzanti Matteo1850ITA198b1 60w0 52b0101w1 96b0156w1 98b1 73w1 22b½ 62w0 57b05,50,0542,01699
96Katenov Aibek1686KAZ 75b1 36w1 42w0 83b0 95w1 84b0 87w½103b0134w1 70b0153w15,50,0540,51785
97Anilkumar Anantha P1720ENG 16w0165b1 75b0153w1 86w1 93b0105w0100b1 87w0133b1109w½5,50,0538,01687
98Macko Miroslav1699SVK 37w0155b1 83w0108b0186w1173b1 95w0101b1102w½ 48b0150w15,50,0537,01502
99Huang Dion1733ENG 30b0160w½ 91b0176w1152b1 90w0130b1114w0132b1 72b0156w15,50,0536,51419
100Chinguun Otgonbayar1534MGL 17b0151w1 67b0204w+ 77w1 83b0110w0 97w0189b1159w½158b15,50,0536,01608
101Heier Odin Nikolai1470NOR 86w0109b0198w1 95b0185w1 73b0201b1 98w0164b1129w1116w½5,50,0535,01432
102Maetzkow Maximilian Paul1797GER164b1 41w0132b1 62w½ 43b1 54w½ 28b0 91w0 98b½143w1 44b05,50,0442,51718
103Low Zhen Yu Cyrus1868SGP196b1 18w½ 27b½ 82w0120b0174w1 69b½ 96w1114b1 16w0 49b05,50,0442,01583
104Janzakov Ansar1543KAZ 40w0181b1 46w1 53b0 78w1 61b½ 81w0107b½126w1 84b½ 45w05,50,0442,01768
105FMConstantius Leonardo Pratama1879INA192b1 27w½ 18b0 49w0130b1 57w½ 97b1 32w0 69b0145w½157b15,50,0441,01693
106Ulker Tolga1783TUR112w1 25b½ 15w0188b1 30w0111b½139w1 33b0147w½ 47b0166w15,50,0441,01568
107Kelemen David1784HUN149b1 28w0128b½113w1 90b1 41w0 23b0104w½157b½130w1 48w05,50,0440,01696
108Gasparyan Daniel0RUS 31b0154w½144b½ 98w1158b1 56w0167b1 24w½ 53b0148w1 55b05,50,0439,01776
109Zhang Qihao0CHN 32b0101w1 65b0156b1 88w½167w½159b1 16w0110b1 51w0 97b½5,50,0439,01765
110Titus Andrew L1750USA 91b½ 72w0160b1 90w0133b1112w½100b1 84b0109w0118w1114b½5,50,0438,51345
111Reddy Ananta1270RSA 94b0 69w0174b½164w1154b1106w½158b1 59w0 78b1 90w½ 56b05,50,0438,01662
112Naguleswaran Annorjan0USA106b0136w1 50b0144w1 58w½110b½ 73w0121b0188w1170b1117w½5,50,0437,51685
113Jaramillo Arce David1517ECU 71w½119b0 76w1107b0170w1 58b0117w½171b0185w1142b½159w15,50,0436,01688
114Koetters Raphael0BEL 46w0156b0153w0192w1135b1121b1126w½ 99b1103w0117b½110w½5,50,0435,51605
115Trimitzios Petros1829GRE173w½175b0197w1139b0188w1123b0124w1125b½ 76w1 92b½ 47w05,50,0433,51357
116Mirzoyan David1778ARM147b½146w1 43b0128w1140b1 62w½ 44b½ 41w0 90b½ 28w0101b½5,50,0341,01713
117Sezdbekov Ruslan1746KGZ 72b½ 91w½ 82b0130w½160b1 43w0113b½132w½184b1114w½112b½5,50,0238,51317
118Salem Ahmed Salem1588UAE 25w0185b1141w0181b1 46w0 86b0191w1167w1 65b0110b0175w15,00,0534,51499
119Zheng Andrew2045USA145b½113w1 79b1 80w0 14b0129w1 24b½ 65w1 59b0 32w0 69b05,00,0442,51709
120Ahadzada Kanan Rasim1708AZE 2w0191b1 48w0155b1103w1 12w0148b½141b1 63w½ 64b0 87w-5,00,0440,51748
121FMGluckman Paul1637RSA 26b0172w1 59b0134w1 31b0114w0195b1112w1 89b½140w½ 74b05,00,0439,51469
122Amini Hossein Ali1551BRN 28b0149w½146b1 24w0 72b1 74w0 78b0164w½179b1 88w0174b15,00,0438,51341
123Nielsen Andre1714NOR 18b0192w1 13b0180w½190b1115w1 90b0 89w½ 75b0160w1 85b05,00,0438,01633
124Reveco Toledo Luciano Agusto1590CHI 1w0134b1 87w½ 71b0162w1 20b0115b0152w1 79b0146w½173b15,00,0437,51451
125Jain Gautam1705ENG 60b0196w1 17b0191w1 55b0163w½152b1115w½ 86b0173w1 75b05,00,0437,01573
126Sadiqli Aslan Mubariz1730AZE 8w0133b0207w1203b+131b1 36w0114b½ 68w½104b0128b0182w15,00,0436,01344
127Bukia Koka1616GEO 22b0200w1 81b0149w1148b½168w1 53w0138b0 70w0152b1141w½5,00,0436,01617
128Thiyasara K.T Thisen1523SRI 63w0186b1107w½116b0 47w0176b1 88b0175w1159b½126w1 78b05,00,0436,01467
129Nordquelle Daniel1727NOR 3w0153b1202w1 33b½ 35w0119b0150w0133b½187w1101b0176w15,00,0435,51499
130Meteliov Boris1466MDA 11w0 13w0172b1117b½105w0162b1 99w0186b1178w1107b0142w½5,00,0435,51561
131Zhang Zhehai0CAN159w0 -1 78b0132w1126w0161b1 32b0145w1 73b0 76b0188w15,00,0435,51583
132Chellappah Mishael1556AUS 38w0199b1102w0131b0189w1 77b0173w1117b½ 99w0151b1138w½5,00,0434,51404
133Chon Yongjoon1396KOR140b0126w1168b0142b½110w0 72w0162b1129w½135b1 97w0171b15,00,0434,51556
134Kaasen Tor Fredrik0NOR 74b0124w0194b1121b0156w0136w½180b1144w1 96b0184w1143b½5,00,0433,51509
135Flasen Aleksander1468NOR 35w0 75w0179b1 46b0114w0185b1151w½181b½133w0177b1178w15,00,0433,01323
136Al-Zaabi Sultan1575UAE 7w0112b0155w0162b0196w1134b½193w1151b0177w½187b1181w15,00,0430,01055
137Yi Sejin1440KOR 12w0141b0189w0177b1151w0199b1172w1170b½169w1 77b0167w½5,00,0430,01384
138Lamblin Jean1803MNC200b1 22w½ 54b0145w1 75b½ 28w0143b½127w1 16b0 57w0132b½5,00,0341,01734
139Tsolmon Tseesorogdorj1591MGL 13b1140w½ 9b0115w1 56b½ 55w0106b0158w1148b½ 74w½ 65b05,00,0340,51818
140Zarubitski Viachaslau1938BLR133w1139b½175w1 15b0116w0142b1 20w½ 77b½ 58w0121b½ 76w05,00,0339,01610
141Czina Peter1824HUN 82b0137w1118b1 75w½ 26b0157w½ 57b½120w0154b1 49w0127b½5,00,0338,51612
142Willathgamuwa Rowan1726AUS 27b0195w1 92b0133w½180b1140w0163b1 86w½ 68b0113w½130b½5,00,0336,51437
143Khvadagiani Nika1640GEO 21w0176b½173w1 55b½ 70w0201b1138w½ 71b0151w1102b0134w½5,00,0336,01431
144Schilay Lorenz1611GER 42w0162b½108w½112b0172w1147b½ 72w0134b0146b½179w1180b15,00,0334,01060
145Lazaravicius Aras Jonas1597LTU119w½ 71b0162w1138b0173w½151b1 77w0131b0176w1105b½148b½5,00,0334,01427
146Xi Ziyang0CHN 58w½116b0122w0197b1 76w0203b1169w½166b0144w½124b½183w15,00,0333,51538
147Otawa Yuto0JPN116w½ 58b½159w0166b0203b+144w½154b1 78w½106b½ 79w½ 88b05,00,0237,01647
148Batashevs Arsens1805LAT189w1 21b0150w1 29b0127w½166b½120w½ 76b½139w½108b0145w½5,00,0236,51541
149Muradli Omar Tofig0AZE107w0122b½166w½127b0183w½188b1170w½169b½168b½171w1 79b05,00,0232,01605
150Nanayakkara J A G Ganganath1471SRI 44b0174w1148b0206w1 65b0 78w½129b1 79w1 56b0 50w0 98b04,50,0439,51592

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)