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WYCC U8 Girls Classic

Last update 28.12.2013 17:15:05, Creator: amir raeisi,Last Upload: alain chess club

Player info

NameAllahverdiyeva Ayan
Starting rank1
Rating national0
Rating international1794
Performance rating1257
FIDE rtg +/--23,1
Year of birth 2005


1160Kartsidima Aikaterini0GRE5,5w 1
2167Louw Danial0RSA4,5s 1
3140Dashina Sofiia0RUS6,0w 1
4118WFMVuong Quynh Anh0VIE7,0s 1
516Chopdekar Gunjal1417IND7,5w 1
613WFMDivya Deshmukh1482IND8,5s 0
72101Stepanyan Eva0RUS7,0w 1
82111Wan Qian0CHN8,0s 0
9451Hrebenshchykova Yelyzaveta0UKR6,5w 1
10323WCMZhu Harmony0CAN9,0s 0
11538Cai Boheng0CHN7,5w 1
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