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WYCC U16 Girls Classic

Last update 28.12.2013 17:16:48, Creator: amir raeisi,Last Upload: alain chess club

Player info

NameGu Tianlu
Starting rank6
Rating national0
Rating international2128
Performance rating2320
FIDE rtg +/-37,8
Year of birth 1997


1664Karimi Yeganeh1839IRI5,0s 1
2639Saikhanzaya Ganbaatar1939MGL6,0w 1
3532WCMVirkud Apurva1969USA6,0s 1
4430Hong Xing1980CHN5,5w 1
511WGMKhademalsharieh Sarasadat2298IRI8,5s 1
613WIMNicolas Zapata Irene2237ESP8,5w 1
7144Harutyunyan Ani1916ARM6,5s ½
819WFMMahalakshmi M2110IND7,0w 0
924WFMOsmak Iulija2212UKR8,0s ½
10215Velikic Adela2055SRB7,5w 1
11212WCMWozniak Mariola2079POL8,0s 1
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