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WinterChess IM Octubre 2013 (86550) II Torneig Internacional GARDENHOTELS.COM

Last update 27.10.2013 14:37:34, Creator/Last Upload: asensio ferrari, enrique


Round 1 on 2013/10/21 at 20:30hs
112422IMMascaro March Pedro1 - 0Haria Ravi216010
222386IMIvanov Jordan½ - ½FMSanchez Ibern Marc23819
332081FMHuguet Sergio0 - 1Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo21638
442264FMWyss Jonas0 - 1FMSzwed Jacek23617
552416IMSimonian Tigran0 - 1FMMerry Alan B22976
Round 2 on 2013/10/22 at 10:00hs
1102160Haria Ravi½ - ½FMMerry Alan B22976
272361FMSzwed Jacek½ - ½IMSimonian Tigran24165
382163Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo0 - 1FMWyss Jonas22644
492381FMSanchez Ibern Marc1 - 0FMHuguet Sergio20813
512422IMMascaro March Pedro½ - ½IMIvanov Jordan23862
Round 3 on 2013/10/22 at 20:30hs
122386IMIvanov Jordan1 - 0Haria Ravi216010
232081FMHuguet Sergio0 - 1IMMascaro March Pedro24221
342264FMWyss Jonas½ - ½FMSanchez Ibern Marc23819
452416IMSimonian Tigran0 - 1Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo21638
562297FMMerry Alan B½ - ½FMSzwed Jacek23617
Round 4 on 2013/10/23 at 20:30hs
1102160Haria Ravi0 - 1FMSzwed Jacek23617
282163Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo0 - 1FMMerry Alan B22976
392381FMSanchez Ibern Marc½ - ½IMSimonian Tigran24165
412422IMMascaro March Pedro1 - 0FMWyss Jonas22644
522386IMIvanov Jordan0 - 1FMHuguet Sergio20813
Round 5 on 2013/10/24 at 20:30hs
132081FMHuguet Sergio0 - 1Haria Ravi216010
242264FMWyss Jonas½ - ½IMIvanov Jordan23862
352416IMSimonian Tigran½ - ½IMMascaro March Pedro24221
462297FMMerry Alan B1 - 0FMSanchez Ibern Marc23819
572361FMSzwed Jacek0 - 1Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo21638
Round 6 on 2013/10/25 at 10:00hs
1102160Haria Ravi½ - ½Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo21638
292381FMSanchez Ibern Marc0 - 1FMSzwed Jacek23617
312422IMMascaro March Pedro½ - ½FMMerry Alan B22976
422386IMIvanov Jordan½ - ½IMSimonian Tigran24165
532081FMHuguet Sergio1 - 0FMWyss Jonas22644
Round 7 on 2013/10/25 at 20:30hs
142264FMWyss Jonas0 - 1Haria Ravi216010
252416IMSimonian Tigran½ - ½FMHuguet Sergio20813
362297FMMerry Alan B½ - ½IMIvanov Jordan23862
472361FMSzwed Jacek½ - ½IMMascaro March Pedro24221
582163Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo½ - ½FMSanchez Ibern Marc23819
Round 8 on 2013/10/26 at 20:30hs
1102160Haria Ravi0 - 1FMSanchez Ibern Marc23819
212422IMMascaro March Pedro1 - 0Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo21638
322386IMIvanov Jordan0 - 1FMSzwed Jacek23617
432081FMHuguet Sergio0 - 1FMMerry Alan B22976
542264FMWyss Jonas0 - 1IMSimonian Tigran24165
Round 9 on 2013/10/27 at 10:00hs
152416IMSimonian Tigran1 - 0Haria Ravi216010
262297FMMerry Alan B½ - ½FMWyss Jonas22644
372361FMSzwed Jacek1 - 0FMHuguet Sergio20813
482163Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo½ - ½IMIvanov Jordan23862
592381FMSanchez Ibern Marc½ - ½IMMascaro March Pedro24221
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