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VI Obert d'estiu d'escacs base del Guinardó (Tancat per norma de MC)

Last update 11.09.2013 02:35:28, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 341)

Starting rank list of players

10Capellades Subirana MarcESP2332Peona i Peo
6Porta Tovar OriolESP2255Ateneu Colon
3Vigo Allepuz DavidESP2231Catalunya
7Bru Rullo LlatzerESP2220Cerdanyola
1Cervello Tost FerranESP2183Peona i Peo
4Garcia Lopez NicolasESP2176Sant Andreu
8Martinez Pla XavierESP2119Tres Peons
9Fernandez Aguilar FranciscoESP2118SCC Sabadell
5Porta Tovar GuillemESP2113Ateneu Colon
2Masferrer Niubo EnricESP2084Peona i Peo
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