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2013 Asian Dragons International Tournament-U16

Last update 05.08.2013 11:43:46, Creator/Last Upload: elsa yueh

Starting rank

1Lee Jun HyeokKOR1762
2Kwon SehyunKOR1695
3Lee Rui Zhe NicholasSGP1643
4Ieong Seak HinMAC1606
5Ho En Ying MichelleSGP1552
6Ng Chi TouMAC1507
7Shih Ching-AnTPE1489
8Yi SejinKOR1416
9Nam Ju WonKOR1357
10Ip Seng TouMAC1352
11Chon YongjoonKOR1313
12Choi HyunhyoKOR0
13Ip Weng TouMAC0
14Kim YoungjinKOR0
15Lee Hsuan-TingTPE0
16Liao Jo-KaiTPE0
17Seo EunbinKOR0
18Shih Yu-AnTPE0