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AZE Youth Olympiad, Group A, Belokan, 12 - 23 July, 2013

Last update 23.07.2013 11:51:54, Creator/Last Upload: guliyev_shaig

Player info

NameHasanzade Toghrul
Starting rank12
Rating national2010
Rating international1866
Performance rating1914
FIDE rtg +/--4,5
Club/CityNar - Ugsm
Year of birth 1997


11290Ahmadov Abdulla Rovshan1800Goychay6,5w 1
21053Gasimzada Aydin2000Baku Rioeugsm6,0s 1
3933Ahmadova Fatima1620Baku Ioeugsm № 17,0w 1152,85
422Bayramov Elkhan2108Baku Ioeugsm № 110,0s 015-3,00
5831Mammadov Niyaz1657Shamakhi6,5w 1153,45
6938Mammadov Suleyman Asiman1580Nar - Ugsm6,5s 015-12,60
71242Mammadova Laman1449Baku Rioeugsm7,0w 1151,20
8848Ahmadov Rustam2000Oguz5,0s 1
934Bayramov Elvin2050Guba8,5w ½153,60
106154Suleymanli Ramazan Yunis0Zangilan7,0s 1
11313WCMBaghirova Khatin1864Baku Ioeugsm № 18,0w ½150,00
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