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AZE Youth Olympiad, Group B, Belokan, 12 - 23 July, 2013

Last update 23.07.2013 11:50:57, Creator/Last Upload: guliyev_shaig

Player info

NameMuradli Mahammad
Starting rank2
Rating national2000
Rating international1756
Performance rating2147
FIDE rtg +/--2,3
Club/CityBaku Ioeugsm № 1
Year of birth 2003


12172Yusifova Parvana Tahir1700Sheki4,0w 1
2293Guliyev Izzat Azar1800Baku Neftchi3,0s 1
3251Rahimov Shahin2000Guba7,0w 1
4225Aliyev Sanan Emil2000Baku Rioeugsm7,5s 1
5213Manafov Vugar1582Baku Ioeugsm № 18,0w ½15-3,45
6319Mehraliyev Sahil Rovshan2081Sumqayit7,5s 1
7223Aliyev Rahim Asif2000Sumqayit6,5w 1
811Aliyev Ravan1897Sumqayit8,0s 015-4,65
9338Jafarli Babak Feruz2000Ganja9,5w ½
10547Mikayilov Seymur2000Shirvan Ugsm7,0w 1
1148Aghayev Sadig Tale1673Baku Ioeugsm № 18,0s 1155,85
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