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Latvian championship blitz 2013

Last update 28.06.2013 22:31:27, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 13 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd12.Rd13.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMSveshnikov Evgeny2435LAT 17b1 11w1 2b1 8w0 22b1 3w0 4b1 6w1 14b1 9w½ 7b1 5b1 10w110,583,098,52575
2GMShirov Alexei2715LAT 35w+ 22b1 1w0 11w1 7b½ 15w1 6b1 8w1 3w½ 4b1 9b½ 12w1 5b09,583,5100,02508
3GMNeiksans Arturs2565LAT 19b½ 18w1 8b0 26w1 9b1 1b1 5w½ 10w1 2b½ 14w1 6b1 4w0 7b19,582,098,52457
4MKKalnins Kristaps2275LAT 23w0 28b1 29w1 7b0 24w1 25b1 1w0 13b1 15w1 2w0 14b1 3b1 6w19,079,595,02379
5WGMBerzina Ilze2215LAT 31b+ 7b½ 12w1 6w1 8b0 22w½ 3b½ 14w0 11w1 17b1 16b1 1w0 2w18,582,098,52411
6IMBerzinsh Roland2438LAT 26w1 13b1 14w1 5b0 25w1 8b1 2w0 1b0 22w1 7b½ 3w0 9b1 4b07,583,5100,02392
7IMAntoms Guntars2378LAT 32b1 5w½ 10b½ 4w1 2w½ 14b0 19b1 9w½ 8b1 6w½ 1w0 22b1 3w07,583,598,52365
8FMKrustkalns Kristaps2328LAT 28w+ 23b1 3w1 1b1 5w1 6w0 14b½ 2b0 7w0 10b½ 12w0 17w½ 16b17,582,599,02309
9IMSamolins Vitalijs2358LAT 24w+ 14b0 16w1 13b½ 3w0 30b1 17w1 7b½ 10w1 1b½ 2w½ 6w0 12b½7,582,096,52269
10MKDzjuba Vsevolod2198LAT 36w+ 25b½ 7w½ 22b0 21w1 16b1 15w1 3b0 9b0 8w½ 18w1 14b1 1b07,576,593,02280
11WGMRogule Laura2294LAT 30w1 1b0 24w1 2b0 16w0 23b1 21w1 22w½ 5b0 20b½ 13w½ 18b1 17w17,575,590,02162
12MKAgafonov Yuri2191LAT 33b1 15w½ 5b0 19w0 18b½ 26w1 16b0 27w1 24b1 28w1 8b1 2b0 9w½7,573,585,02169
13WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2290LAT 20b1 6w0 32b1 9w½ 15b0 17w½ 18b1 4w0 16b0 31w1 11b½ 19w1 24w17,573,086,52202
14MKStepins Edgars2121LAT 34b1 9w1 6b0 15w½ 19b1 7w1 8w½ 5b1 1w0 3b0 4w0 10w0 22b17,082,093,02318
15FMKantans Toms2402LAT 16w1 12b½ 25w½ 14b½ 13w1 2b0 10b0 19w1 4b0 27w½ 17b0 30w1 23w17,076,089,02158
16MKKrilovs Nikolaijs1998LAT 15b0 33w1 9b0 18w1 11b1 10w0 12w1 17b0 13w1 22b1 5w0 29b1 8w07,074,585,02212
17MKMierins Eriks2001LAT 1w0 30b1 21w1 25b0 23w1 13b½ 9b0 16w1 18b½ 5w0 15w1 8b½ 11b06,575,590,02160
18NMDaudzvardis Janis2147LAT 27w½ 3b0 23w1 16b0 12w½ 20b1 13w0 21b1 17w½ 24b1 10b0 11w0 28b16,574,089,52057
19MKMelderis Uldis2049LAT 3w½ 27b1 22w0 12b1 14w0 24b1 7w0 15b0 20w0 23b1 26w1 13b0 29w16,573,588,02153
20MKKrums Ilmars2107LAT 13w0 26b½ 27w½ 24b0 32b1 18w0 33b1 29w½ 19b1 11w½ 28b0 21w½ 31b16,565,075,01951
21ILimanovska Elizabete1617LAT 22w0 35b+ 17b0 31w1 10b0 33w1 11b0 18w0 28b0 34w1 32b1 20b½ 30w16,559,567,51961
22FMLavendelis Egons2326LAT 21b1 2w0 19b1 10w1 1w0 5b½ 25w1 11b½ 6b0 16w0 27b1 7w0 14w06,079,095,52175
23MKSmilga Ivars2104LAT 4b1 8w0 18b0 29w1 17b0 11w0 26b1 24w0 32b1 19w0 34b1 28w1 15b06,069,078,52016
24MKIsakovs Janis1864LAT 9b- 34w1 11b0 20w1 4b0 19w0 31b1 23b1 12w0 18w0 33b1 27w1 13b06,068,077,52076
25NMMustaps Matiss2341LAT 29b1 10w½ 15b½ 17w1 6b0 4w0 22b0 28w½ 27b0 32w½ 30b½ 33w1 26b½6,065,577,01996
26MKDagis Karlis2009LAT 6b0 20w½ 28w1 3b0 30w½ 12b0 23w0 34b1 29b½ 33w1 19b0 31b1 25w½6,062,072,02001
27IKirsbergs Girts1850LAT 18b½ 19w0 20b½ 33w0 29b½ 31w1 30w1 12b0 25w1 15b½ 22w0 24b0 34w16,061,069,01998
28IBurkevica Ilze1668LAT 8b- 4w0 26b0 34w1 31b0 29w1 32b1 25b½ 21w1 12b0 20w1 23b0 18w05,565,575,01996
29MKBlumentals Gatis1776LAT 25w0 36b+ 4b0 23b0 27w½ 28b0 34w1 20b½ 26w½ 30b1 31w1 16w0 19b05,564,073,51888
30IIOzols Andris1548LAT 11b0 17w0 33b1 32w1 26b½ 9w0 27b0 31w0 34b1 29w0 25w½ 15b0 21b04,061,069,01877
31IVernuks Vjaceslavs1965LAT 5w- 32w0 34b1 21b0 28w1 27b0 24w0 30b1 33w1 13b0 29b0 26w0 20w04,060,068,01738
32MKDagis Martins1984LAT 7w0 31b1 13w0 30b0 20w0 34b1 28w0 33b1 23w0 25b½ 21w0 -0 -03,558,566,51836
33IMierins Imants1853LAT 12w0 16b0 30w0 27b1 34w1 21b0 20w0 32w0 31b0 26b0 24w0 25b0 -13,059,067,01665
34IMierins Guntars1787LAT 14w0 24b0 31w0 28b0 33b0 32w0 29b0 26w0 30w0 21b0 23w0 -1 27b01,057,064,51063
35MKKolesnikovs Ivans2075LAT 2b- 21w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,044,052,00
IHakels Eduards1930LAT 10b- 29w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,044,052,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)

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