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IX Campeonato Sudamericano Sub 20 año 2013_Femenino

Last update 23.05.2013 19:50:43, Creator/Last Upload: cataman1962

Starting rank list of players

2WIMJorquera Cabello ValentinaCHI2035
6WCMDe Leon PatriciaURU1859
7Medeiros Thauane FerreiraBRA1845
5Alboredo JuliaBRA1820
4Perez DalilaPAR1796
8WCMAvalos LeticiaPAR1741
10Rios Almada IaraPAR1559
3Avalos RosanaPAR1467
9Genes Paredes Dhara CamilaPAR1392
1Zarza LourdesPAR0
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