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Liepajas rokade-2013 Blitz

Last update 06.08.2013 12:47:08, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKovalenko Igor2634LAT 59w1 40b1 24w1 27b1 6w½ 33b1 5w1 2b1 4w1 7b1 3w½10,067,582,52794
2IMKovalev Vladislav2495BLR 85w1 99b1 64w1 12b1 3b½ 7w½ 14b1 1w0 10b1 8w1 9b19,066,581,02611
3GMNeiksans Arturs2550LAT 74w1 28b1 15w1 16b1 2w½ 4b½ 6w1 64b1 7w0 5b1 1b½8,568,083,52593
4IMKrivonosov Oleg2490LAT 78b1 46w1 18b1 13w½ 17b1 3w½ 9b1 8w1 1b0 6b½ 7w½8,068,083,02537
5GMShabalov Alexander2546USA 57b1 20w1 8b1 14w0 44b1 26w1 1b0 12w1 17b1 3w0 13b18,066,582,52500
6GMAleksandrov Aleksej2517BLR 52w1 21b1 45w1 9b1 1b½ 11w1 3b0 13w0 64b1 4w½ 17b18,066,081,52509
7GMGeorgiev Kiril2615BUL 60b1 34w½ 65b1 10w½ 45b1 2b½ 40w1 27w1 3b1 1w0 4b½8,065,581,02506
8NMMustaps Matiss2341LAT 32w1 48b1 5w0 68b1 35w1 20b1 16w1 4b0 11w1 2b0 22w18,064,579,02430
9IMPileckis Emilis2427LTU 53w1 50b1 35w1 6w0 19b1 23b1 4w0 24b1 20w1 16b1 2w08,063,578,52420
10IMSveshnikov Vladimir2377LAT 70b1 77w1 19b½ 7b½ 23w0 51w1 18b1 41b1 2w0 29w1 27b18,061,075,02375
11GMSveshnikov Evgeny2435LAT117b1 37w½ 34b1 29w1 13b1 6b0 64w½ 19w1 8b0 45w1 21b18,061,073,02373
12NMPutka Verners2351LAT 61b1 80w1 25b1 2w0 46b1 64w0 34b1 5b0 28w1 19w1 16b18,060,074,02373
13MKBernotas Arturs2354LAT 63w1 67b1103w1 4b½ 11w0 65b1 33w1 6b1 16w0 18b1 5w07,561,573,52407
14IMSakalauskas Vaidas2440LTU 91w1 95b1 23w1 5b1 33w0 24b1 2w0 20b0 35w½ 30b1 38w17,560,574,02327
15NMKarklins Imants2249LAT114b1 39w1 3b0 66w1 37b½ 17w0 48b1 46w1 29b½ 25w½ 34b17,558,070,52235
16IMBerzinsh Roland2440LAT 82b1 38w1 44b1 3w0 49b1 36w1 8b0 26w1 13b1 9w0 12w07,063,577,02370
17IMAntoms Guntars2378LAT 96w1 41b1 54w1 33b½ 4w0 15b1 22w½ 21b1 5w0 20b1 6w07,063,576,52333
18NMMakovskis Georgijs2240LAT 71w1 84b1 4w0 30b1 21w1 22b½ 10w0 40b1 31w1 13w0 25b½7,062,575,52248
19MKAgafonov Yuri2191LAT118w1 86b1 10w½ 22b½ 9w0 39b1 30w1 11b0 32w1 12b0 54w17,062,574,52142
20MKStepins Edgars2121LAT106b1 5b0 91w1 69w1 47b1 8w0 36b1 14w1 9b0 17w0 45b17,059,571,52350
21MKSmilga Kristaps2112LAT116b1 6w0 53b1 72w1 18b0 56w1 44b1 17w0 26b1 24b1 11w07,059,571,52281
22GMPetkevich Jusefs2379LAT 93b1 51w1 29b½ 19w½ 76b1 18w½ 17b½ 31b½ 23w½ 44w1 8b07,059,072,02271
23MKLaimins Lauris2187LAT 56b1115w1 14b0 98w1 10b1 9w0 38b½ 37w1 22b½ 27w0 48b17,059,070,52284
24WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2290LAT 90b1 66w1 1b0 67w1 38b1 14w0 25b1 9w0 77b1 21w0 51b17,058,073,02237
25MKSeglins Juris2138LAT107w1119b1 12w0 58b1 26w0 54b1 24w0 55b1 36w1 15b½ 18w½7,058,070,02230
26FMLavendelis Egons2326LAT 43b½131w1 37b½ 95w1 25b1 5b0 28w1 16b0 21w0 66w1 46b17,057,069,02203
27GMKanep Meelis2486EST102w1 68b1 49w1 1w0 64b0 95b1 35w1 7b0 65w1 23b1 10w07,056,571,02326
28MKKapce Viesturs2145LAT 94b1 3w0 82b1 52w1 36b0 60w1 26b0 39w1 12b0 79w1 47b17,056,069,02203
29MKKalnins Kristaps2206LAT 75w1113b1 22w½ 11b0 65w0104b1 84w1 42b1 15w½ 10b0 50w17,055,067,02158
30MKBaltrunas Arvydas1911LTU123b1 36w0110b1 18w0 94b1 76w1 19b0 47w1 49b1 14w0 64b17,051,562,02228
31MKDaskevics Vitalijs2115LAT103w0 33b0134w1114b1 78b1 53w1 47b1 22w½ 18b0 48w½ 44b17,050,561,02166
32IIvonins Andis1732LAT 8b0120w1 38b0 88w1 67b0106w1 80b1 76w1 19b0 77w1 49b17,049,060,52144
33GMEhlvest Jaan2499USA100b1 31w1 36b1 17w½ 14b1 1w0 13b0 65w½ 34b½ 46w½ 37b½6,560,074,52298
34MKElmaste Gert2178EST 81w1 7b½ 11w0119b1 41w½ 83b1 12w0 71b1 33w½ 42b1 15w06,558,571,52233
35MKKanep Siim2184EST 97b1 72w1 9b0 60w1 8b0 57w1 27b0 66w1 14b½ 37w½ 39b½6,558,571,02168
36IMMalinin Yuri2305RUS 58w1 30b1 33w0 50b1 28w1 16b0 20w0 38w1 25b0 67b½ 75w16,558,571,02118
37FMOzolins Aris2052LAT105w1 11b½ 26w½103b1 15w½ 40b0 52w1 23b0 53w1 35b½ 33w½6,557,069,02198
38MKRasa Gints2072LAT122w1 16b0 32w1105b1 24w0 71b1 23w½ 36b0 52w1 64w1 14b06,555,566,52145
39IHaavamae Henrik1934EST130w1 15b0 55w1 45b0 62w1 19w0 87b1 28b0 58w1 65b1 35w½6,555,065,02074
40NMTokranovs Dmitrijs2170LAT 69b1 1w0 78b½ 80w1 70b1 37w1 7b0 18w0 48b0 73w1 67w16,554,569,52131
41MKKrilovs Nikolaijs1998LAT120b1 17w0 73b½ 43w1 34b½ 45w1 49b1 10w0 44b0 69w½ 74b16,554,566,02128
42MKRogule Agnija2054LAT131b½ 43w1 47b0 70w0101b1 97w1 78b1 29w0 82b1 34w0 69b16,549,060,02026
43ILumiste Rene1728EST 26w½ 42b0132w1 41b0119w0131b1107w1 59b1 51w0 84b1 68w16,548,558,02051
44FMSchuls Olev2223EST104w1 55b1 16w0 54b1 5w0 67b1 21w0 96b1 41w1 22b0 31w06,057,069,02123
45MKValgmae Toomas2237EST 87b1 79w1 6b0 39w1 7w0 41b0 85w1 83b1 68w1 11b0 20w06,056,569,52123
46MKTaliharm Andrus2108EST134w1 4b0 63w1 71b1 12w0 52b½119w1 15b0 84w1 33b½ 26w06,056,568,02128
47MKDrilins Andris2271LAT 62w1 54b0 42w1 48b1 20w0 77b1 31w0 30b0 93w1 83b1 28w06,055,567,51992
48IVaitkevicius Paulius1935LTU 88b1 8w0 87b1 47w0 69b½ 70w1 15w0119b1 40w1 31b½ 23w06,055,068,02087
49MKArmonaitis Silvestras2195LTU 92b1 98w1 27b0 84w1 16w0 66b1 41w0 54b1 30w0 85b1 32w06,054,065,51990
50MKBrazdzionis Andrius2010LTU129b1 9w0 90b1 36w0 56b0 62w1 53b½ 78w½ 61b1 57w1 29b06,053,564,01986
51IKance Edmunds2027LAT128w1 22b0 58w0 73w1 61b1 10b0 96w0 90w1 43b1 81b1 24w06,053,064,01968
52ISnezko Marius1837LTU 6b0 94w1 88b1 28b0 86w1 46w½ 37b0 73w1 38b0 70w½ 92b16,052,064,51965
53MKImanovs Elhans1773LAT 9b0 89w1 21w0113b1 68w1 31b0 50w½ 98b1 37b0 82w½ 76b16,051,563,52066
54IBatashevs Arsens1874LAT124b1 47w1 17b0 44w0109b1 25w0 56b1 49w0 94b1 76w1 19b06,051,561,02150
55MKJerjomins Jevgenijs2086LAT 76b1 44w0 39b0 57w0100b1108w1 74b1 25w0 79b0 78w1 82b16,048,559,51983
56MKKrums Ilmars2107LAT 23w0 83b0130w1 74b1 50w1 21b0 54w0100b1 85w0 93b1 99w16,048,558,01961
57MKStepovojs Viktors1852LAT 5w0 81b0128w1 55b1105w1 35b0 68w0 92b1 89w1 50b0 85w16,048,059,02019
58IZiedinsh Roberts1707LAT 36b0127w1 51b1 25w0 66b0109w1 79b0 80w1 39b0 94w1 77b16,048,057,52019
59MKIsakovs Janis1864LAT 1b0 97w1109b1 76w0 72b½ 69w1 65b0 43w0104b½ 87w1 90b16,046,560,51983
60IApinis Guntis1859LAT 7w0118b1112w1 35b0103w1 28b0 71w0 87b1 81w0104w1 88b16,046,057,51935
61ICiekurs Maris1739LAT 12w0135b1 95w0112b1 51w0 86b1 67w0111b1 50w0 89b1 83w16,044,553,01948
62IPolyakov Fedor1699LAT 47b0 88w0129b1127w1 39b0 50b0105w1108w1 66b0 80w1 79b16,043,052,01956
63IVasiliauskas Nerijus1752LTU 13b0129w1 46b0109w0115b1 94w1 77w0 89b0111w1 86b1 81w16,042,052,01964
64WGMBerzina Ilze2215LAT110b1108w1 2b0 79w1 27w1 12b1 11b½ 3w0 6w0 38b0 30w05,562,075,02201
65MKBerzinsh Ivars2166LAT119w½107b1 7w0104b1 29b1 13w0 59w1 33b½ 27b0 39w0 70b½5,555,067,02123
66MKBondarenko Dmitry1952RUS111w1 24b0 92w1 15b0 58w1 49w0 90b1 35b0 62w1 26b0 71w½5,554,065,51940
67MKVaitonis Vytautas1981LTU127b1 13w0114b1 24b0 32w1 44w0 61b1 82w½ 69b½ 36w½ 40b05,553,563,52008
68MKPaulauskaite Gintare2052LTU 89b1 27w0 93b1 8w0 53b0 72w1 57b1 79w1 45b0 74w½ 43b05,552,565,51958
69INorkus Maris2020LAT 40w0 74b1 83w1 20b0 48w½ 59b0 99w1 95b1 67w½ 41b½ 42w05,552,063,51998
70IEigminas Kipras1753LTU 10w0132b½ 86w1 42b1 40w0 48b0 75w1 84b0 99w1 52b½ 65w½5,550,561,01951
71ISalna Aleksandras1690LTU 18b0123w1 77b1 46w0 79b1 38w0 60b1 34w0 74b0100w1 66b½5,550,560,51977
72IIPaulauskas Gintaras1750LAT 83w1 35b0 85w1 21b0 59w½ 68b0 73b0107w1 80b0 98w1 97b15,547,558,51953
73IJonuskis Gediminas1700LTU 86w0130b1 41w½ 51b0 99w1 84b0 72w1 52b0 98w1 40b0101w15,547,556,51895
74IMitenieks Matiss1858LAT 3b0 69w0116b1 56w0132w1103b1 55w0110b1 71w1 68b½ 41w05,547,058,01984
75IZvans Maris1562LAT 29b0 76w0120b½131w1 80b0133w1 70b0132w1102b1108w1 36b05,540,550,01968
76MKBogorad Michail2185GER 55w0 75b1102w1 59b1 22w0 30b0 93w1 32b0 96w1 54b0 53w05,053,565,01828
77MKMierins Eriks2001LAT132w1 10b0 71w0 87b1 96w1 47w0 63b1 81b1 24w0 32b0 58w05,052,563,01884
78ISilis Matiss1814LAT 4w0134b1 40w½ 99b1 31w0107b1 42w0 50b½ 83w0 55b0113w15,049,561,02021
79IOlde Margareth1899EST125w1 45b0 81w1 64b0 71w0118b1 58w1 68b0 55w1 28b0 62w05,049,559,01877
80NMRozlapa Vija1984LAT135w1 12b0104w½ 40b0 75w1 81b½ 32w0 58b0 72w1 62b0105w15,049,558,01812
81MKRoze Andris2039LAT 34b0 57w1 79b0 82w1 98b½ 80w½102b1 77w0 60b1 51w0 63b05,048,559,51877
82IBuivydas Skirmantas1807LTU 16w0122b1 28w0 81b0113w1105b1 95w1 67b½ 42w0 53b½ 55w05,048,559,01976
83IStabulnieks Klavs1894LAT 72b0 56w1 69b0110w1106b1 34w0 97b1 45w0 78b1 47w0 61b05,048,559,01940
84IPomahs Martins1870LAT112b1 18w0115b1 49b0107w½ 73w1 29b0 70w1 46b0 43w0100b½5,048,559,01901
85MKSirokov Jevgenijs1814LAT 2b0106w1 72b0 94w0134b1114w1 45b0 97w1 56b1 49w0 57b05,046,559,01985
86IOlde Grete1600EST 73b1 19w0 70b0 90w1 52b0 61w0106b0113b1120w1 63w0104b15,046,056,51777
87IAntonivs Vladislavs1682LAT 45w0121b1 48w0 77w0 88b1 91b1 39w0 60w0123b1 59b0112w15,046,055,51839
88IIVeit Walter1755GER 48w0 62b1 52w0 32b0 87w0113b1101w0103b1110w1107b1 60w05,045,556,51784
89ISalenieks Eduards1851LAT 68w0 53b0 96w0125b1 91w0124b1117b1 63w1 57b0 61w0108b15,044,052,51771
90MKMeiers Gundars1701LAT 24w0111b1 50w0 86b0124w1121b1 66w0 51b0105w1112b1 59w05,043,553,01836
91IStaub Madis1802EST 14b0101w1 20b0106w0 89b1 87w0109b1 94w0116b1 92w0103b15,043,054,51890
92IIOzols Andris1548LAT 49w0133w1 66b0108w0123b1 96b0126w1 57w0117b1 91b1 52w05,041,550,01836
93IBarsciauskas Gintautas1762LTU 22w0128b1 68w0124b1 95b0110w1 76b0123w1 47b0 56w0106b15,041,050,51957
94IVernuks Vjaceslavs1973LAT 28w0 52b0121w1 85b1 30w0 63b0112w1 91b1 54w0 58b0 95w½4,549,059,51786
95MKKolesnikovs Ivans2027LAT109b1 14w0 61b1 26b0 93w1 27w0 82b0 69w0 97b0123w1 94b½4,548,559,01952
96ISkolmeistars Uldis1757LAT 17b0109w0 89b1115w1 77b0 92w1 51b1 44w0 76b0 97w½ -04,546,056,51959
97MKBagatais Janis2042LAT 35w0 59b0125w1100w1108b1 42b0 83w0 85b0 95w1 96b½ 72w04,546,055,01826
98MKStrade Arita1873LAT126w1 49b0113w1 23b0 81w½119b0104w1 53w0 73b0 72b0116w14,545,055,01831
99WFMBrokko Margit2073EST101b½ 2w0131b1 78w0 73b0120w1 69b0106w1 70b0102w1 56b04,544,557,01863
100MKStraksis Harijs1835LAT 33w0103b0135w1 97b0 55w0101w1116b1 56w0106b1 71b0 84w½4,543,550,51919
101IKarcevs Ivans1895LAT 99w½ 91b0119w0122b1 42w0100b0 88b1102w0132b1117w1 73b04,541,550,51802
102IHakels Eduards1808LAT 27b0116w1 76b0104w0132b1 81w0101b1 75w0 99b0122w14,541,050,51883
103IRutins Janis1950LAT 31b1100w1 13b0 37w0 60b0 74w0108b0 88w0129w1126b1 91w04,046,556,51814
104IBurkevica Ilze1668LAT 44b0124w1 80b½ 65w0102b1 29w0 98b0131w1 59w½ 60b0 86w04,046,556,01825
105IGruduls Imants1856LAT 37b0117w1108b1 38w0 57b0 82w0 62b0125w1 90b0114w1 80b04,045,554,51740
106IEl-Haze Zans Pols1957LAT 20w0 85b0126w1 91b1 83w0 32b0 86w1 99b0100w0111b1 93w04,045,055,01728
107IVejkajs Ojars1959LAT 25b0 65w0123b1117w1 84b½ 78w0 43b0 72b0122w1 88w0115b½4,043,553,51760
108IAbolina Arija-Solveiga1874LAT121w1 64b0105w0 92b1 97w0 55b0103w1 62b0118w1 75b0 89w04,043,553,01714
109IPudzs Roberts1842LAT 95w0 96b1 59w0 63b1 54w0 58b0 91w0118b0124w1122b0126w14,043,051,51679
110IUurits Karel1619EST 64w0126b1 30w0 83b0111w1 93b0121w1 74w0 88b0113b0123w14,040,550,51739
111IBuhanovska Anete1755LAT 66b0 90w0117b0116w1110b0134w1114b1 61w0 63b0106w0128b14,040,049,01705
112ITimrots Adolfs1738LAT 84w0 -1 60b0 61w0133b0127w1 94b0115w1114b1 90w0 87b04,040,048,51668
113IVebers Karlis1850LAT133b1 29w0 98b0 53w0 82b0 88w0135b1 86w0125b1110w1 78b04,039,547,01720
114MKSilmalis Janis1690LAT 15w0125b1 67w0 31w0127b1 85b0111w0121b1112w0105b0120b14,038,548,51768
115IRandma Urmas1850LAT -1 23b0 84w0 96b0 63w0126b0124w1112b0121w½132b1107w½4,037,547,01684
116IKalnins Normunds1931LAT 21w0102b0 74w0111b0135w1125b1100w0126b1 91w0118b1 98b04,037,545,01694
117IPomahs Ziedonis1780LAT 11w0105b0111w1107b0121w0130b1 89w0128b1 92w0101b0129w14,035,546,01758
118IPiliciauskas Divonis1422LTU 19b0 60w0127b0120w1126b1 79w0123b0109w1108b0116w0125b14,035,044,51753
119MKSimcaks Sergejs2019LAT 65b½ 25w0101b1 34w0 43b1 98w1 46b0 48w0 -0 -0 -03,550,061,51960
120ISuvorovs Pavels1800LAT 41w0 32b0 75w½118b0122w1 99b0132w0133w1 86b0121b1114w03,539,048,51647
121IIPiliciauskas Parbus1750LTU108b0 87w0 94b0129w1117b1 90w0110b0114w0115b½120w0133b13,535,042,51671
122IErnstsons Valdis1885LAT 38b0 82w0133b½101w0120b0123w0127b1135w1107b0109w1102b03,533,540,51734
123IIBrikmane Evija1750LAT 30w0 71b0107w0128b1 92w0122b1118w1 93b0 87w0 95b0110b03,040,550,51583
124IIStepanovs Oskars1750LAT 54w0104b0 -1 93w0 90b0 89w0115b0127w1109b0129b0135w13,035,542,01554
125IIDumins Edgars1750LAT 79b0114w0 97b0 89w0129b1116w0134b+105b0113w0130b1118w03,035,042,51572
126IKanejevs Kristaps1746LAT 98b0110w0106b0135b1118w0115w1 92b0116w0128b1103w0109b03,035,040,51609
127IRutina Rita1758LAT 67w0 58b0118w1 62b0114w0112b0122w0124b0133b1128w0 -13,034,542,51535
128IAizstrauts Arturs1831LAT 51b0 93w0 57b0123w0131b0129w1130b1117w0126w0127b1111w03,034,042,51631
129ISirokov Valerijs1830LAT 50w0 63b0 62w0121b0125w0128b0 -1130w1103b0124w1117b03,034,042,01562
130IMierins Guntars1752LAT 39b0 73w0 56b0134b0 -1117w0128w0129b0135b1125w0132w13,032,539,51608
131IIvanovs Andris1859LAT 42w½ 26b0 99w0 75b0128w1 43w0133b1104b0 -0 -0 -02,542,051,51770
132IMierins Imants1822LAT 77b0 70w½ 43b0133w1 74b0102w0120b1 75b0101w0115w0130b02,540,049,01612
133iRavlusevic Evelina2049LTU113w0 92b0122w½132b0112w1 75b0131w0120b0127w0135b1121w02,532,038,01550
134INazarovs Ramzans1930LAT 46b0 78w0 31b0130w1 85w0111b0125w- -0 -0 -0 -01,035,544,51620
135IJarockis Eriks1799LAT 80b0 61w0100b0126w0116b0 -1113w0122b0130w0133w0124b01,031,540,01052

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)