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Category XI grandmaster tournament ( Gotth' Art Cup )

organised by the Hungarian Chess Federation between 22 February and 3 March 2010. 

Lajos Portisch international grandmaster, who is the legend of Hungarian chess life, has been a participant at Chess Olympiads 20 times, Hungarian champion 9 times, Candidate to the title of World Champion 8 times, Sportsman of the Year 23 times will sit down to the table again.

It is worth mentioning that the challengers of Lajos Portisch include the 18-year old PROHÁSZKA Péter, who is also an international grandmaster as well as RAPPORT Richárd from Szombathely, who is possibly the greatest talent of the present Hungarian chess life and following in Peter Leko's footsteps he can already boast of two grandmaster norms only at the age of 13. When Grandmaster Portisch first became Candidate, Richard's parents may not even have been born yet ?

The other legend among the players is Alexander Beljavsky who has been playing for Slovenia recently and can be honoured as a Soviet Champion several times and gold medallist at the Chess Olympiads four times. Both Lajos Portisch and Alexander Beljavsky are well-known of their unbroken sportsmanship and uncompromising style. The two legendary players participate at the Category XI tournament.

The Talent and Courage International master tournament dedicated for the most talented young players will be organised simultaneously with the Main Tournament after an interruption of several years.

GM tournament (sort according rating)     IM tournament (sort according rating)
1GMBeliavsky Alexander GSLO2657
2GMFtacnik LubomirSVK2546
3GMPortisch LajosHUN2519
4GMVajda LeventeROU2519
5IMBanusz TamasHUN2517
6GMProhaszka PeterHUN2501
7IMBokros AlbertHUN2479
8IMNeubauer MartinAUT2465
9IMRapport RichardHUN2444
10FMFodor Tamas JrHUN2417
1FMGergacz AttilaHUN2421
2IMPaschall William MUSA2398
3FMBaratosi DanielROU2396
4FMLorand NorbertHUN2346
5IMBanas JanSVK2341
6IMBiro SandorROU2298
7WGMRudolf AnnaHUN2283
8Nagy GaborHUN2278
9Szabo BenceHUN2261
10Feher AdamHUN2260

In addition to the young male players, a girl Rudolf, Anna deserves special attention, since as a singly lady in the tournament she has set an objective to herself not lesser than try to secure her place in the Hungarian women team for the Chess Olympiad held this September by means of an outstanding performance.

The games can be followed on the afternoon of the playing days from 2:30 p.m. at the venue of: Gotth'Art Wellness & Conference Hotel; 9970 Szentgotthárd, Füzesi út 3/B; or a live coverage can be followed on the Internet website.

Here all details of the tournaments and the official Homepage of the organiser

Some pictures from the event (provided from János RIGÓ)

Richard Rapport - Lajos Portisch

Group picture (left side)

Group picture (right side)

Richard Rapport

Alexander Beljavsky



The Hungarian chess legend Lajos Portisch.

Alexander Beljavsky from Slovenia.

Martin Neubauer from Austria.

The Hungarian Newcomer Anna Rudolf

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