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King of Kings Chess Tournament

Last update 28.10.2019 00:16:17, Creator/Last Upload: bermudachess

Starting rank

1Mufandaedza Moses8800367BER1951
2Cancino Guilbert8800715BER1914
3CMFlanagan Mark8800880BER1903
4CMGontcharov Serguei8800871BER1860
5CMLill Sami8800170BER1838
6Cooper Gary8800022BER1792
7Place Wolde8801339BER1671
8Ararat Ezra8800995BER1517
9ACMGontcharov Dimitri8800979BER1433
10Davis Brian8800910BER1421
11Green Omar8801002BER1413
12Easton Trace8801584BER1335
13Gontcharova Olga8801312BER1335
14Virgil Abdullah8800812BER1310
15Bean Randy8800413BER0
16Beane Stuart8801800BER0
17Busby Clayton8801819BER0
18Butterfiled Lyle8801789BER0
19Flanagan Dylan8801207BER0
20Flanagan Odin8801193BER0
21Polfer Jim8801797BER0
22Smith Allan8800677BER0
23Thomas Sandy8801827BER0