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Skerries Autumn Open 2019

Last update 31.10.2019 20:32:12, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1Costello JohnIRL1722
2Loughran JohnIRL1546
3Dunne JoeIRL1379
4Allidine MarkIRL1216
5Dimitrov NikolaiIRL1181
6McNally CianIRL1179
7Johnston OwenIRL1152
8Joyce EndaIRL1146
9Morrissey BrendanIRL1102
10Diebold Sammy9000141IRL1071
11O’Shea PaschalIRL1071
12Llewellyn DavidIRL1049
13Woodlock FinnIRL1031
14Ivanov Jr AndreyIRL818
15Murphy DermotIRL758
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