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Åsenträffen 2019

Senast uppdaterad14.04.2019 14:27:29, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schackförbund


1IMBator Robert1700405SWE2378
2FMLögdahl Harald1702734SWE2280
3Todorovic Zoran915769SRB2072
4Brodén Per1713922SWE2008
5Narva David24128856SWE2003
6Jeferli MohammedAli1747479SWE1970
7Bast Billy1714384SWE1914
8Eriksson Hans1737040SWE1912
9Silins Peter1711024SWE1798
10Ohlsson Andreas1728334SWE1748
11Ivarsson Daniel1740628SWE1744
12Wikman Viktor1744720SWE1742
13Molin Nils1759175SWE1730
14Masoudi Karam1752820SWE1687
15Staiculescu Vlad-AndreiROU0
16Axklo HugoSWE0
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