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2019 Aurora Chess Day

Last update 06.01.2019 15:48:25, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1FMPlotkin Mark2611651CAN2404On (Thornhill)
2Noritsyn Sergey2616408CAN2302On (Richmond Hill)
3Nicholson Matthew2612240CAN2293On (Lively)
4Nazareno Merlin2632470CAN2233On (North York)
5Berengolts Isai2603837CAN2099On (Richmond Hill)
6Zhao Jeffrey Renfei2628651CAN2068On (Markham)
7Fradkin Benjamin2625334CAN2045On (Thornhill)
8Cheryachukin Yury2621037CAN2006On (Toronto)
9Profit Brian2617625CAN2002On (Trenton)
10Gunapalan David2612232CAN1969On (Toronto)
11Ajith Aayush30943515CAN1912On (Brampton)
12Desikan Ajith2634309CAN1848On (Brampton)
13Miaco Trifelino2044765CAN1819On (Scarborough)
14Ahmed Syed Ibrahim2633442CAN1801On (Toronto)
15AFMSupsup Ferdinand2614030CAN1784On (Misissauga)
16Cortez Pacifico2634708CAN1752On (Mississauga)
17Burton Joe2603551CAN1720On (Sharon)
18Reza SumonCAN1570On (Toronto)
19Cater Brendan2632535CAN1548On (Brampton)
20Srinivas Atharva2623900CAN1529On (Mississauga)
21Xu AlexCAN1486On (Oakville)
22Banic JohnCAN1484On (Richmond Hill)
23Tan BrendanCAN1468Ab (Edmonton)
24Cloete Jack2631148CAN1445On (Georgetown)
25Vijendra Vinushan2633590CAN1390On (Bradford)
26Barbarich Zdravko2631733CAN1374On (Richmond Hill)
27Gillis Doug2604361CAN1356On (Aurora)
28Smolkin Ben (Gabriel)CAN1341On (Toronto)
29Mckay JoshCAN1296On (Queensville)
30Paras Peter2629496CAN1273On (Aurora)
31Yao HenryCAN1253On (Richmond Hill)
32Huang IvanCAN1237On (Richmond Hill)
33Gerber JerryCAN1198On (Maple)
34Wright EricCAN1196On (Aurora)
35Lin JoeyCAN1122On (Toronto)
36Zuo Zichen (Roger)2632683CAN1109On (Toronto)
37Ajith Aarush30943329CAN1075On (Brampton)
38Hay John2629046CAN1071On (Mississauga)
39Noritsyn IvanCAN1062On (Richmond Hill)
40Glinnyi DanyloCAN1061On (Mississauga)
41Guo Anni2631350CAN1054On (Markham)
42Singh AnyaCAN1033On (Markham)
43Wang SophiaCAN991On (Richmond Hill)
44Gao HeyeCAN989On (Richmond Hill)
45Chen Rae2632691CAN872On (Mississauga)
46Cheng Kyler Chi-ReyCAN814On (Richmond Hill)
47Liu LilyCAN803On (Richmond Hill)
48Zhuang JeffreyCAN778On (Richmond Hill)
49Qu VincentCAN760On (Aurora)
50Khamidov BekCAN674On (Vaughan)