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Huddersfield Major 2017

Last update 29.05.2017 14:34:14, Creator/Last Upload: Huddersfield Chess (Nigel Hepworth)

Starting rank

1Colburn PaulENG161
2Cawston JohnENG160
3Patrick DavidENG159
4Gamble RaymondENG158
5Goodfellow RussellENG158
6Clegg RobertENG155
7Taylor MarkENG153
8Brown GeoffreyENG151
9Connor MichaelENG150
10Sykes NickENG148
11Westmoreland SteveENG148
12Bedford RichardENG146
13Hartley DeanENG145
14Khan KarimENG145
15Moan FrancisENG144
16Desmedt RichardENG142
17Stephenson JohnENG140
18Boylan RichardENG139
19Tate DavidENG135
20Rush StevenENG132
21Gelder PaulENG128
22Mendis ViduraENG111
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