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3. FIDE rapid Beskydské šachové školy

Last update 20.02.2016 17:37:30, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 34

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Mucha PiotrPOL 48w1 40b1 45w1 4w1 12b1 2b0 13w1 14b1 8w½7,541,052,540,5
2IMKlíma LukášCZE 35b1 5w½ 56b1 7w½ 17b1 1w1 6b½ 12w1 4b½7,043,555,036,0
3IMVesselovsky SergueiCZE 46w1 22b½ 25w1 15b1 21w½ 20b½ 11w1 6b½ 13w17,040,551,535,5
4Piesik PiotrPOL 34w1 16b1 80w1 1b0 29w1 21b½ 20w1 5b1 2w½7,040,551,036,5
5Štěpán PatrikCZE 73w1 2b½ 8w0 31b1 34w1 25b1 10w1 4w0 33b16,540,551,032,0
6FMBřečka IvanCZE 42w1 30b0 46w1 51b1 16w1 18b1 2w½ 3w½ 9b½6,540,051,034,0
7FMRabatin JakubCZE 27w1 25b½ 22w1 2b½ 30w1 55b1 14w0 15b½ 20w16,539,050,034,0
8IMMichenka JozefCZE 52b1 29w0 5b1 26w1 23b0 22w1 30b1 24w1 1b½6,538,550,031,5
9IMBabula MilanCZE 54w1 51b1 15w½ 11b1 20w½ 14b0 36w1 23b1 6w½6,538,549,034,5
10FMMalík JanCZE 41b1 37w1 24b0 28w1 32b1 12w½ 5b0 29w1 14w16,537,549,033,0
11Jelínek MarekCZE 85b1 53w1 28b½ 9w0 66b1 24w1 3b0 25w1 22b16,535,545,532,5
12FMVrána FrantišekCZE 49w1 68b1 30w1 14b1 1w0 10b½ 21w1 2b0 15w½6,040,552,535,5
13Krajina AlešCZE 61b1 26w1 17b1 20w½ 24b½ 23w1 1b0 33w1 3b06,040,051,535,5
14FMČempel JaroslavCZE 74b1 55w1 32b1 12w0 67b1 9w1 7b1 1w0 10b06,038,049,036,0
15Koziol KamilPOL 75b1 90w1 9b½ 3w0 28b½ 53w1 45b1 7w½ 12b½6,036,044,531,5
16Hasinski KrystianPOL 81b1 4w0 47b1 56w1 6b0 35w1 28b½ 21b½ 38w16,035,545,529,5
17Bureš MartinCZE 82w1 43b1 13w0 45b1 2w0 31b0 41w1 34b1 36w16,035,545,529,0
18FMPacl VáclavCZE 64b1 32w0 52b1 53w1 37b1 6w0 23b0 56w1 35b16,032,543,030,0
19FMLys JosefCZE 47b1 28w0 35b1 66w½ 22b0 46b½ 52w1 45w1 30b16,032,541,527,0
20FMSobek JaroslavCZE 76w1 39b1 31w1 13b½ 9b½ 3w½ 4b0 28w1 7b05,541,051,533,5
21Kubík MichaelCZE 38b1 66w1 29b1 24w½ 3b½ 4w½ 12b0 16w½ 26b½5,540,050,533,0
22Kaňák FilipCZE 86b1 3w½ 7b0 70w1 19w1 8b0 31w1 40b1 11w05,539,048,029,0
23Kaňáková NatálieCZE 31w0 62b1 27w1 54b1 8w1 13b0 18w1 9w0 24b½5,538,549,029,5
24Juříček StanislavCZE 62w1 63b1 10w1 21b½ 13w½ 11b0 55w1 8b0 23w½5,538,048,533,0
25Tvrdý PetrCZE 84b1 7w½ 3b0 86w1 59b1 5w0 32b1 11b0 48w15,535,544,528,0
26Rechtenberg KarelCZE 88w1 13b0 44w1 8b0 54w½ 39b1 34w½ 42b1 21w½5,535,544,526,5
27Bober MateuszPOL 7b0 78w1 23b0 60w½ 70b1 52w0 47b1 66b1 51w15,529,038,522,0
28Zimniok LubomírCZE 65w1 19b1 11w½ 10b0 15w½ 44b1 16w½ 20b0 32w½5,040,050,529,0
29Dostál RadimCZE 77w1 8b1 21w0 43b1 4b0 32w½ 46w1 10b0 40w½5,038,048,528,5
30Kuchař MatějCZE 72b1 6w1 12b0 58w1 7b0 56w1 8w0 43b1 19w05,038,048,029,0
31Havelka OndřejCZE 23b1 57w1 20b0 5w0 58b1 17w1 22b0 36b0 63w15,036,547,027,0
32Mavrev DavidCZE 69w1 18b1 14w0 59b1 10w0 29b½ 25w0 44b1 28b½5,036,546,527,5
33Dzierzak RadoslawPOL 44w1 45b0 42w1 39b1 55w0 43b1 51w1 13b0 5w05,034,545,029,0
34Štefaník MarekCZE 4b0 86w½ 74b1 57w1 5b0 60w1 26b½ 17w0 58b15,034,543,523,5
35Opluštil JiříCZE 2w0 73b1 19w0 82b1 80w1 16b0 50w1 51b1 18w05,033,043,024,0
36Blümelová ZdeňkaCZE 58b0 71w1 38b1 67w0 52b1 41w1 9b0 31w1 17b05,032,542,526,0
37Kozelský MarekCZE 79w1 10b0 49w1 50b1 18w0 45b0 38w0 75b1 52w15,032,041,525,0
38Vantuch LucianCZE 21w0 83b1 36w0 69b1 45w0 77b1 37b1 55w1 16b05,031,040,023,0
39Cyroň KarelCZE 92b1 20w0 60b1 33w0 47b½ 26w0 64b1 54w½ 61b15,031,038,023,5
40Bienek PetrCZE 60b1 1w0 58b0 71w½ 86b1 47w1 54b1 22w0 29b½5,030,540,024,5
41Hanák TomášCZE 10w0 79b1 59w0 77b1 68w1 36b0 17b0 72w1 55b15,030,540,022,0
42Gnojek PetrCZE 6b0 81w1 33b0 89w1 51w0 63b1 59b1 26w0 53b15,029,537,522,0
43Gřesová ZuzanaCZE 91b1 17w0 90b1 29w0 48b1 33w0 67b1 30w0 54b15,028,536,025,0
44Novotný RadimCZE 33b0 92w1 26b0 90w1 71b1 28w0 53b1 32w0 56b15,028,035,023,0
45Kantor PavelCZE 87b1 33w1 1b0 17w0 38b1 37w1 15w0 19b0 49w½4,537,547,026,5
46Čáp ŠimonCZE 3b0 75w1 6b0 81w1 50b1 19w½ 29b0 48w0 74b14,533,543,522,0
47Stalmach RichardCZE 19w0 65b1 16w0 79b1 39w½ 40b0 27w0 69w1 66b14,532,541,519,5
48Kutálek JanCZE 1b0 89w1 51w0 83b1 43w0 69b1 68w½ 46b1 25b04,530,039,021,5
49Gajda RostislavCZE 12b0 84w1 37b0 87w1 53b0 58w1 57b0 60w1 45b½4,529,037,020,5
50Cibulka MichalCZE 53b0 85w1 61b1 37w0 46w0 74b1 35b0 67w1 64b½4,528,536,521,5
51Beluská TerezaCZE 78b1 9w0 48b1 6w0 42b1 67w1 33b0 35w0 27b04,035,044,525,0
52Petrov NikolajCZE 8w0 77b1 18w0 63b1 36w0 27b1 19b0 81w1 37b04,035,044,520,0
53Kondula DominikCZE 50w1 11b0 69w1 18b0 49w1 15b0 44w0 73b1 42w04,034,544,523,0
54Kureš MichaelCZE 9b0 72w1 57b1 23w0 26b½ 66w1 40w0 39b½ 43w04,034,544,522,5
55Hurta JiříCZE 70w1 14b0 91w1 80b1 33b1 7w0 24b0 38b0 41w04,033,041,027,0
56Nešpor IvanCZE 93w1 59b1 2w0 16b0 76w1 30b0 73w1 18b0 44w04,033,040,525,0
57Holeček VladimírCZE 63w1 31b0 54w0 34b0 79w1 62b1 49w1 -0 -04,031,540,021,0
58Fizerová LucieCZE 36w1 80b0 40w1 30b0 31w0 49b0 76w1 82b1 34w04,031,039,021,0
59Didi JanCZE 67b1 56w0 41b1 32w0 25w0 76b1 42w0 63b0 79w14,030,038,521,0
60Paseka MatyášCZE 40w0 76b1 39w0 27b½ 88w1 34b0 70w½ 49b0 82w14,029,537,518,5
61Schoffer MartinCZE 13w0 88b½ 50w0 64b½ 65w1 73b0 79w1 70b1 39w04,027,536,017,0
62Kubelka JaroslavCZE 24b0 23w0 78b1 68b0 83w1 57w0 69b0 91w1 81b14,027,534,515,0
63Šerek OndřejCZE 57b0 24w0 84b1 52w0 89b1 42w0 91b1 59w1 31b04,027,034,017,0
64Píša LubomírCZE 18w0 69b0 79w0 61w½ 90b1 88b1 39w0 77b1 50w½4,026,033,514,5
65Fizer MarekCZE 28b0 47w0 71b0 85w1 61b0 87w0 89b1 86w1 80w14,022,028,512,0
66Vaníček MichalCZE 83w1 21b0 82w1 19b½ 11w0 54b0 81b1 27w0 47w03,531,541,022,0
67Machura JaroslavCZE 59w0 93b1 68w1 36b1 14w0 51b0 43w0 50b0 70w½3,530,537,021,5
68Halacz MartinCZE 89b1 12w0 67b0 62w1 41b0 72w1 48b½ -0 -03,530,037,520,5
69Oborný TomášCZE 32b0 64w1 53b0 38w0 75b1 48w0 62w1 47b0 73w½3,529,538,016,5
70Šebena PatrikCZE 55b0 74w½ 85b1 22b0 27w0 71w1 60b½ 61w0 67b½3,528,036,517,0
71Sudolský JanCZE 80w0 36b0 65w1 40b½ 44w0 70b0 88w1 76b½ 78w½3,527,034,514,5
72Janotka OldřichCZE 30w0 54b0 76w0 93b1 82w1 68b0 80w1 41b0 75w½3,526,532,014,5
73Pirhala LadislavCZE 5b0 35w0 89b0 84w1 87b1 61w1 56b0 53w0 69b½3,525,033,015,5
74Falhar BřetislavCZE 14w0 70b½ 34w0 88b0 78w1 50w0 86b1 87b1 46w03,525,033,014,0
75Štefaník PetrCZE 15w0 46b0 83w0 78b1 69w0 92b1 84w1 37w0 72b½3,525,032,513,5
76Bošňák OndrejCZE 20b0 60w0 72b1 91w1 56b0 59w0 58b0 71w½ 87w13,525,032,015,0
77Lanča Petr DavidCZE 29b0 52w0 92b1 41w0 91b1 38w0 87b½ 64w0 88b13,524,030,514,5
78Tyrlík RostislavCZE 51w0 27b0 62w0 75w0 74b0 -1 90b1 85w1 71b½3,523,030,09,5
79Haška FilipCZE 37b0 41w0 64b1 47w0 57b0 89w1 61b0 83w1 59b03,029,536,013,0
80Kovář OldřichCZE 71b1 58w1 4b0 55w0 35b0 81w0 72b0 84w1 65b03,027,036,519,0
81Gřes MichalCZE 16w0 42b0 93w1 46b0 92w1 80b1 66w0 52b0 62w03,025,532,016,0
82Bohdal KarelCZE 17b0 87w1 66b0 35w0 72b0 86w1 83b1 58w0 60b03,025,033,015,0
83Kaňák MatyášCZE 66b0 38w0 75b1 48w0 62b0 85w1 82w0 79b0 91b13,024,531,012,0
84Dudová PavlínaCZE 25w0 49b0 63w0 73b0 -1 90w1 75b0 80b0 92w13,022,029,010,0
85Ludvová MarieCZE 11w0 50b0 70w0 65b0 93w1 83b0 92w1 78b0 89w13,021,028,09,0
86Hýl MiroslavCZE 22w0 34b½ 88w1 25b0 40w0 82b0 74w0 65b0 -12,528,535,512,0
87Czepiec RichardCZE 45w0 82b0 -1 49b0 73w0 65b1 77w½ 74w0 76b02,525,533,012,5
88Odlevák MarekCZE 26b0 61w½ 86b0 74w1 60b0 64w0 71b0 90w1 77w02,524,531,512,0
89Janotková KateřinaCZE 68w0 48b0 73w1 42b0 63w0 79b0 65w0 -1 85b02,026,533,09,0
90Škulcová AdélaCZE -1 15b0 43w0 44b0 64w0 84b0 78w0 88b0 93b12,026,032,510,0
91Ruiz MiguelCZE 43w0 -1 55b0 76b0 77w0 93b1 63w0 62b0 83w02,025,531,012,0
92Janotka JakubCZE 39w0 44b0 77w0 -1 81b0 75w0 85b0 93w1 84b02,023,028,58,0
93Filipová VanesaCZE 56b0 67w0 81b0 72w0 85b0 91w0 -1 92b0 90w01,017,522,53,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break