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Rockadens Öppna KM 3A 2015

Last update 12.12.2015 21:01:09, Creator/Last Upload: schackklubben rockaden

Starting rank list of players

5Lindström Andreas19780101SWE1194SK Rockaden
4Wikman Viktor20060101SWE1170SK Rockaden
1Trost Adrian20050101SWE1150SK Rockaden
2Witt Simon20020101SWE1120SK Rockaden
7Franck Peter19540101SWE1101SK Rockaden
8Rydin Matts19480101SWE1100SK Rockaden
6Vu Alexander1735691SWE1060SK Rockaden
3Stavropoulos Vasilios19970101SWE1040SK Rockaden
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