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Rockadens Öppna KM 1B Hösten 2015

Last update 12.12.2015 20:54:41, Creator/Last Upload: schackklubben rockaden

Starting rank list of players

7Hillbur Anders1725211SWE1531SK Rockaden
8Nilsson Egon19490101SWE1471SK Rockaden
6Kalingas Dimitris4239040GRE1461Stockholms SS
1Kjellström John1725262SWE1461SK Rockaden
2Hellman Sten1735357SWE1428SK Rockaden
3Ljunglöf Niklas1715445SWE1369SK Rockaden
9Carrasco Enrique1713949SWE1365SK Rockaden
5Nordgren Markus1736388SWE1357SK Rockaden
4Tuomainen Jouni1723227SWE1348SK Rockaden
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