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HCA - 8th Mahendergarh Distt. OPEN (Mixed) Chess Championship 2-3 Aug 2014 {Online Registration @}

Last update 03.08.2014 17:45:08, Creator/Last Upload: chess association of india, lucknow

Starting rank

1Abhishek YadavHCA0
2Bal GovindHCA0
3Deepak JangraHCA0
4Er. Kuldeep Sharma (HCA)HCA0
5Lalit KumarHCA0
6Pankaj SainiHCA0
7Sanjay Rastogi (RWD)HCA0
8Tript SharmaHCA0
9Sunil dutt SharmaHCA0
10Sumant Kumar 50HCA0
11Umang Rastogi, WHCA0