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HCA - 6th Mahendergarh Distt. U-15 (Mixed) Chess Championship 14-15 May 2014 {Online Registration @}

Last update 15.05.2014 08:53:48, Creator/Last Upload: chess association of india, lucknow

Starting rank

1Aadesh (MLS)HCA0
2Aakash (HPS)HCA0
3Aarohan (HPS)HCA0
4Aarti (HPS), WHCA0
5Aastha (HPS), WHCA0
6Abhishek (BPS)HCA0
7Abhishek (CL)HCA0
8Abhishek YadavHCA0
9Aditya Choudhary (MLS)HCA0
10Aditya Soni U-10HCA0
11Akshay KumarHCA0
12Aman (HPS)HCA0
13Aman Kumar (MLS)HCA0
14Aneesh (CL)HCA0
15Anish (CL)HCA0
16Anisha Sharma (OIS), WHCA0
17Anjali (OIS), WHCA0
18Ankit (HPS)HCA0
19Ankit BhardwajHCA0
20Ankur (HPS)HCA0
21Annand (CL)HCA0
22Annu (HPS), WHCA0
23Anuj YadavHCA0
24Aryaman (MLS)HCA0
25Aryan (HPS)HCA0
26Aryan (OIS)HCA0
27Ashish (CL)HCA0
28Ashish (HPS)HCA0
29Ashutosh (HPS)HCA0
30Astitva (HPS)HCA0
31Ayush (CL)HCA0
32Badal (HPS)HCA0
33Bhanu (HPS)HCA0
35Bhavya (HPS) U-10HCA0
36Bhavya (MLS)HCA0
37Chanderdev (HPS)HCA0
38Chetan Prakash (MLS)HCA0
39Deepak Aggarwal (MLS)HCA0
40Deepika (HPS), WHCA0
41Devanshu (HPS)HCA0
42Dheeraj (HPS)HCA0
43Digender (HPS)HCA0
44Dishant (CL)HCA0
45Divay (CL)HCA0
46Elika (HPS), W U-10HCA0
47Gaurav (CL)HCA0
48Goransh (MLS)HCA0
49Gungun (HPS), WHCA0
50Hanshika (HPS), WHCA0
52Harsh (MLS)HCA0
53Harsh Patodiya (CL)HCA0
54Harshvardhan Yadav (OIS)HCA0
55Himanshu (CL)HCA0
56Himanshu (HPS)HCA0
58Hritik (CL)HCA0
59Ishika (HPS), WHCA0
60Ishwar (HPS)HCA0
61Jai Shankar (BPS)HCA0
62Jalaj (CL)HCA0
63Janvi (HPS), W U-10HCA0
64Jatin (HPS)HCA0
65Jayant Sanghi (MLS)HCA0
66Jinender KumarHCA0
67Kamakshi (BPS), WHCA0
68Kamal (HPS)HCA0
70Kartik SharmaHCA0
71Kashish (CL), W U-10HCA0
72Keshav (HPS) U-10HCA0
73Khushbu (CL), W U-10HCA0
74Khushi (CL), WHCA0
75Kunal (CL)HCA0
76Mahima Yadav (OIS), WHCA0
77Maninder (HPS)HCA0
78Manjeet YadavHCA0
79Mayank (BPS)HCA0
80Meenakshi (HPS), WHCA0
81Megha (HPS), WHCA0
82Monu (HPS)HCA0
83Muskan (OIS), WHCA0
84Nandlal Gaur (BPS)HCA0
85Naveen (BPS)HCA0
86Neeraj (MLS)HCA0
87Neha (HPS), WHCA0
88Neha (OIS), WHCA0
89Neha Choudhary (HPS), WHCA0
90Nikhil (BPS)HCA0
91Nikita (HPS), WHCA0
92Nishant Saini (HPS)HCA0
93Nitin Maan (BPS)HCA0
94Paras Yadav (OIS)HCA0
95Parul (HPS), WHCA0
96Parvesh (OIS)HCA0
97Parvesh Yadav (OIS)HCA0
98Piyush Yadav (CL)HCA0
99Piyush-1 (HPS)HCA0
100Piyush-2 (HPS)HCA0
101Piyush-3 (HPS)HCA0
102Pragati Yadav (OIS), WHCA0
103Preeti (HPS), WHCA0
104Prerna Aggarwal (MLS), WHCA0
105Priya (HPS), WHCA0
106Priya (HPS), WHCA0
107Priyadeep (HPS)HCA0
108Priyanka (HPS), WHCA0
109Priyanshi (HPS), WHCA0
110Punit IndoraHCA0
111Ragini (HPS), WHCA0
112Rahul (BPS)HCA0
113Rahul Yadav (MLS)HCA0
114Raksha Mann, WHCA0
115Raman (CL)HCA0
116Rinku Man (MLS), WHCA0
117Ritika (HPS), WHCA0
118Sachin Yadav (OIS)HCA0
120Sahil (HPS)HCA0
121Sahil Saini (HPS)HCA0
122Sanchit (HPS)HCA0
123Sangam (HPS)HCA0
124Sanskriti (HPS), W U-10HCA0
125Sanskriti (HPS), W U-10HCA0
128Shiv KumarHCA0
129Shubham (HPS)HCA0
130Shubham Bansal (MLS)HCA0
131Shubhanshi (HPS), WHCA0
132Somya (HPS), W U-10HCA0
133Sonali Sharma (HPS), WHCA0
134Sorav (CL) U-10HCA0
135Sorav Soni (CL)HCA0
136Sourabh (MLS)HCA0
137Sumit KumarHCA0
138Suryanshu (CL)HCA0
139Tanuj (BPS)HCA0
140Tanuj (HPS)HCA0
141Titiksha, W U-10HCA0
142Umesh (CL)HCA0
143Vinay (HPS)HCA0
144Vinne (HPS), W U-10HCA0
145Vishal RaoHCA0
146Vishesh Kumar (MLS)HCA0
147Vivek (HPS)HCA0
148Yaduraj (CL)HCA0
149Yashoverdhan (HPS) U-10HCA0
150Yogesh (CL)HCA0

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