FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Because my forum was used rather seldom, I have stopped it and have replaced it with this FAQ page.

I receive many requests to Swiss manager and Chess-Results.com. Here I will publish questions of general interest.

25 How do I get a user / password for Chess-Results.com?

Most data are freely accessible without any login. Therefore, a user is usually not necessary.

For the following actions a login is required:

  • Maintenance of the Austrian player-database.
  • For the Austrian rating officers.
  • For entering the Austrian championship results.
  • For the maintenance of the languages.
  • For the maintenance of some data tables.

If you therefore need a login:

  • Requirement: You must be present in the Austrian player/person-database.
  • If your E-mail is saved in the Austrian player/person-database, you can request your password in the login dialog.
  • If your E-mail is not saved, you can write me an e-mail ( See contact ).
  • I save your E-mail in the Austrian player/person-database and then you can request your password in the login dialog.