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Final JDN Clasico Equipos Fem U20

Last update 12.07.2024 19:52:41, Creator/Last Upload: Josue Amaya

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Ranking crosstable

Rk.Team1a1b2a2b3a3b4a4b TB1  TB2  TB3 
1San Jose *  * 2343419,5751800
2San Ramon21 *  * 23313,5581295
3CODEA0121 *  * 331035916
4Escazu0½111 *  * 530,5453

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break without lowest result (Khanty-Mansiysk)
Tie Break3: Board Tie-Breaks Of the whole tournament