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Final JDN Clasico Individual Fem U16

Last update 12.07.2024 19:16:48, Creator/Last Upload: Josue Amaya

Starting rank list of players

3WIMMayorga Araya, Sofia6514065CRC2096Belen
6Campos Munoz, Valentina6534961CRC1820Ccdr Montes De Oca
5Rivera Gutierrez, Geannina Isabela6534635CRC1717Liberia
1Solis Alvarado, Abigail6550142CRC1629Belen
4Gabb Diaz, Nayareth6534970CRC1584Talamanca
2Valderramos Solano, Ashly Victoria6521916CRC1492Ccdr El Guarco
7Espinoza Jimenez, Joselyn6559573CRC1448Puriscal