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Congratulations to the Winners of the U1600 section:

1) First Prize score was 4/5: jointly shared by Austin R (Unrated, hence gets £50 max.); Siyao O & Linhao S each get £60 ( from the prize fund of £110+60)
2) No Second Prize as a result of 1 above
3) Rating prize of £40 won by Saiarya A scoring 3/5 on a Rating of 1443

2nd Cambridge FIDE RapidPlay - U1600 (16June'24)

Last update 17.06.2024 21:42:27, Creator/Last Upload: Psyon Chess

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Starting rank

1Sean MageeENG1592
2Granville Hill468010ENG1569
3Oscar Prosser343432395ENG1549
4ACMGautam Sriram498491ENG1546
5Arthur GreenENG1538
6Siyuan Ou343405657ENG1526
7Linhao Sha343442668ENG1502
8Rene Butler486922ENG1447
9Siyao Ou343405649ENG1444
10Saiarya Arun343412548ENG1443
11Niall Meehan343446426ENG1404
12Rob DaviesENG1386
13Austin RohlmanENG1200
14Robert MillsENG1191
15Richard DorlingENG1142