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English Senior Championship - Over 65

Last update 28.05.2024 16:11:10, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

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Starting rank

1IMLarge, Peter G400866ENG2394Epsom
2IMLittlewood, Paul E400190ENG2317Wood Green
3FMChapman, Terry Pd413399ENG2290Cavendish
4IMBaker, Chris W401676ENG22674ncl The Ads
5Chandler, Cliff R401820ENG2224Maidstone
6Snape, Ian L404489ENG2200Beckenham & Bromley
7CMNorman, Kenneth I402419ENG21184ncl Iceni
8Moore, Geoffrey R446181ENG2115Norwich Dons
9Page, Mark E417050ENG2114Kenilworth
10Bonafont, Philip R409197ENG2100Norwich Dons
11Burnett, Jim402273ENG2095Mansfield
12WGMJackson, Sheila402508ENG20884ncl Spirit Of Atticus
13Hughes, Roy412481ENG2061Broadland
14Wager, John D420204ENG2040Maidenhead
15Hutchinson, Paul A411558ENG2038Scarborough
16Punnett, Alan K405400ENG2031Guildford
17Bray, Dave J466115ENG2016Braunstone
18Moore, John C403636ENG2003Writtle
19Myall, Ivan J425168ENG1980Writtle
20Stokes, Mike R442542ENG1968Harrogate
21Fleming, Andrew Sj410632ENG1965Bexhill
22Hutchinson, Norman A411540ENG1954Cambridge City
23De Coverly, Roger D405213ENG1949Bourne End
24Hawkins, James N409928ENG1930Liverpool
25Bellers, Chris Jv433730ENG19294ncl Wessex
26Goodwin, Ed H408972ENG1920Coventry Chess
27Erdogan, Hassan465917ENG1919Club Unknown
28Spanton, Tim R404802ENG1913Battersea
29Dennis, Nigel W408913ENG1892Maidenhead
30Neatherway, A Philip418854ENG18314ncl Oxfordshire
31WCMNorman, Dinah M402621ENG18234ncl Iceni
32Wall, Robert343407234ENG1766East Grinstead
33Clare, Steve439371ENG1765Wallasey
34Harvey, JohnENG1697
35ACMJerome, Stellio496847ENG1673Rushden
36Morris, Nigel W451703ENG1637Leamington
37Carpenter, David J343412580ENG1635Sutton Coldfield
38Robinson, Steve448672ENG1632Morecambe
39Selley, Susan AENG1621Exmouth
40Collins, Nigel343419011ENG1602Milton Keynes