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Vienna Norm Challenge May 2024

Last update 26.05.2024 14:29:57, Creator/Last Upload: Walter Kastner

Starting rank list of players

3GMBrunello, Sabino813613ITA2507Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz
4IMSahidi, Samir14936372SVK2483
10GMFtacnik, Lubomir14900017SVK2446Sc Pinggau-Friedberg
8IMPeyrer, Konstantin1640879AUT24431. Sk Ottakring
9GMYankelevich, Lev24684074GER2410Sparkasse Jenbach
6FMGschiel, Alexander1653202AUT2354Sv Pamhagen
2FMDotzer, Lukas1666975AUT2353Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz
1FMBorrmann, Laurenz312187930AUT2344Sc Donaustadt
5FMBalint, Peter1660713AUT23421. Sk Ottakring
7FMErnst, Robert1662643AUT2281Datatech Pressbaum-Eichg.