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4th Cornwall Spring Congress Minor

Last update 05.05.2024 18:51:48, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1Holland, Mac365392ENG1574JDevon *
2Blencowe, Ian P106888ENG1544Wotton Hall
3Middleton, Keith281142ENG1518Devon *
4Foss, Michael P110784ENG1489Woking
5Maber, Martyn J191456ENG1485Taunton
6Spargo, Philip J161579ENG1459CPCamborne
7Lipinsky, Ferdinand360590GER1430JMalvern
8Ghose, Azhar349813ENG1373Bournemouth
9Liggatt, Clive321955ENG1367Totnes
10Gardiner, Colin J111052ENG1350CPCamborne
11Lopez, Tony352054ENG1349Totnes
12Russell, Lloyd320016ENG1343CPBude
13Brown, Hugh279122ENG1337CPCarrick
14Bramley, Douglas107186ENG1325Spondon
15Barnett, Ben349549ENG1314JCPCamborne
16Anjari, Taher364701ENG1300JCPCamborne
17Welch, Hazel104846ENG1212Seaton
18Talab, Kamar365602ENG1101JCPCornwall *
19Bennett, Francesca350958ENG1061South Hams