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4th Cornwall Spring Congress Open

Last update 05.05.2024 19:12:02, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1Talab, Rami355817SYR2236JCPCornwall Cca
2WFMRichmond, Jane111099WLS2143Brown Jack
3Senior, Gary246258ENG2120Hendon
4Menadue, Jeremy Fs115427ENG2075CPCarrick
5Dilleigh, Stephen P109679ENG2065Horfield & Redland
6Bolt, Graham106951ENG2025Exeter
7Retallick, Lloyd148665ENG2024CPNewquay
8Curtis, John E191368ENG2016Bristol & Clifton
9Littlejohns, David P114482ENG1980Taunton
10Collier, David O108627ENG1970Bristol & Clifton
11Adaway, William285981ENG1964Wimborne
12Arnold, Simon D105860ENG1941Eagle And Child
13Bourne, Johnathan D107042ENG1907Brown Jack
14George, Ian M111152ENG1901CPCamborne
15Rothery, Clive354158ENG1894CPNewquay
16Morgan, Jamie161561GCI1883CPCamborne
17Macphail, Kieran330560ENG1837CPNewquay
18Lipinsky, Pierre350239GER1813Malvern
19Lipinsky, Markus353646GER1740Malvern