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The prize giving ceremony will be at 21:00 at the Jean Monnet Theatre. Results and standing will be published here after the end of the last game.

European School Championship 2024

Last update 07.06.2024 17:14:21, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Player Overview of a federation

6Tallada Serret Gerard54764190ESP2081List of all players
24Corchon Granero Mateo54589690ESP1922List of all players
69Ferre Obrados Climent54712793ESP1633List of all players
93Luque Granell Eloi94705844ESP1520List of all players
111Perolada Segui Marc54726018ESP1449List of all players
8Corchon Granero Mateo54589690ESP1922O15
2Tallada Serret Gerard54764190ESP2081O13
17Ferre Obrados Climent54712793ESP1633O13
21Perolada Segui Marc54726018ESP1449O13
13Luque Granell Eloi94705844ESP1520O11