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IRT Clasico Sub 1700 Armagedon

Last update 15.04.2024 04:14:31, Creator/Last Upload: Academia de Ajedrez Armagedón

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Starting rank

1Angeles Castillo, Bastian Missael Valentin3880532PER1639
2Meneses Morales, Marcos Beltran81404310PER1637
3Poma Bernal, Cristian Andres3888100PER1635
4Cardenas Huachaca, Alessandro Jair3845133PER1631
5Ramirez Mori, Jael Eduardo3876349PER1548
6Ninahuanca Salazar, Ana Lucia3897818PER1493
7Lajo Timoteo, Diana Carolina81404069PER1491
8Mendoza Alata, Victor Gabriel3879313PER1473
9Torres Diaz, Lucia Marcela3885917PER1471
10Apaza Diaz, Santiago Mauricio81432569PER0
11Torres Diaz, Nicolas Gregorio81410476PER0