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2024 Welsh Closed Chess Championship

Last update 01.04.2024 22:14:25, Creator/Last Upload: Kevin

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Starting rank

1IMCamacho Collados, Jose2265427WLS2370
2FMKozusek, Daniel349500WLS2365
3FMToczek, Grzegorz1106457WLS2299
4FMRees, Ioan1801236WLS2272
5FMBlackburn, Jonathan Lb1801090WLS2191Holmes Chapel
6FMStrugnell, Carl616753WLS2188
7CMBullen, Alex1801627WLS2139
8FMZeidler, Sven P.1800604WLS2136
9FMKett, Tim1801210WLS2120
10WFMSmith, Olivia411850WLS2054
11Young, Alan1801309WLS2028
12Fathallah, Joe1801899WLS2012
13Pleasants, Allan J411337WLS1999Weymouth
14Cave, Iwan495948WLS1985
15Binks, Michael1800957WLS1984
16AGMVan Kemenade, Rudy410942WLS1966
17Rathbone-Jones, Ifan1803859WLS1966
18Fowler, Hugo433411WLS1960
19Davis, Lee1801325WLS1948
20Jukes, Sam1803182WLS1936
21Turner, Joseph David1801520WLS1912
22Tuson, Jon1807552WLS1891
23WCMSmith, Lynda1800191WLS1873
24Wu, Yuxuan1805029WLS1853
25Szakmany, Bence1804480WLS1849
26Quinn, Peter1805460WLS1774