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Swieqi Weekend Classical - March 2024

Last update 24.03.2024 17:39:21, Creator/Last Upload: Malta Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1CMDarmanin, Jake5601061MLT2091
2Pala, Onurcan6363318MLT1920
3Fong, Kenny3260097AUS1863
4Rovatti, Paolo808725ITA1834
5Saliba, Luke5600480MLT1831
6ACMGhitza, Elena5603315MLT1783
7Zammit, Jacob5603471MLT1761
8Refalo, Ian5601118MLT1755
9CMSammut, Ron5600260MLT1748
10Ibrahim, Ayman5600596MLT1736
11Oral, Kaan Emre6335420TUR1672
12Portelli, Matthew5604931MLT1656
13Lukin, Vladimir55607900RUS1641
14Gauci, Andre5602777MLT1631
15Zangrilli, Leonardo5603080MLT1606
16Kosik, Vince783846HUN1573
17Falzon, Alexander5603838MLT0
18Kosik, Zente793922HUN0
19Schembri, Christian5601215MLT0