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15. Engadiner Pfingstopen

Last update 20.05.2024 17:13:38, Creator/Last Upload: pagato

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Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11FMPogan, NikolasSUI2251Glarus51572,55
22Näf, ThomasSUI2148Flawil416714
35Arquint, AndriSUI1933Engadin, Chur SK41562,54
413Lenz, BorisSUI1752Frauenfeld3,51465,53
54Müller, LutzGER1968Schweizer Schach Senioren3,513,569,53
612Schneider, MarcelSUI1798Thal und Umgebung, St. Gallen SK3,512,567,53
76Weisstanner, DavidSUI1932Engadin3,510,566,53
824Betsche, TimSUI1494Lenzburg31668,53
98Steinbach, PeterGER1838SV Crailsheim31563,53
1016Campora, ChristophSUI1629Zürich Reti ASK, Zürich Riesbach314,567,52
113Skobe, JanSLO2016Flawil, Herisau313,5612
1222Wermuth, DavidGER1530Therwil312,5673
139Thomi, HansjörgSUI1824Engadin, Schweizer Schach Senioren2,514592
1423Pohl, StefanSUI1496Zürich Reti ASK2,512,5662
1520Orsi, GrazianoSUI1562Schlieren2,512,559,51
1621Kondzic, BenSUI1553Zürich Reti ASK2,59,564,52
177Uso, LluisSUI1858Zürich Reti ASK216642
1810Wegelin, ReinhardSUI1821Pfäffikon (ZH), Herisau, Weinfelden213,5621
1911Luzi, AndriSUI1807Engadin, Schweizer Schach Senioren213582
2018Jensen, Torben WintherNOR1605Hillerod211,5572
2115Bruhnsen, JanSUI1718Baar210,561,52
2219Klainguti, GöriSUI1592Engadin, Schweizer Schach Senioren210,5612
2325Timurlenk, EmreGER1318SV Bubenreuth e.V.28,5632
2417Saxer, BrunoSUI1628Winterthur SG, Schweizer Schach Sen1,59,559,51
2514Eichenberger, LotharSUI1725Lenzburg, Aarau SK, Schweizer Schac110,5591
2627Stirnimann, JanSUI0Engadin19,552,51
2726Leone, ThomasSUI0Zürich Letzi0,512,551,50
2828Thöni, JosefSUI00849,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Sum Buchholz-Tie Break variable
Tie Break3: Number of wins including forfeits and byes (WIN)