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Annex to the Swiss Young Masters 2024
This is a closed tournament for young players limited to 2000 ELO from Valais and Suisse romande

Tournoi Espoirs 2024

Last update 07.04.2024 13:38:32, Creator/Last Upload: climacus

Alphabetical list

1Bétrisey, Claude1360841SUI1572Sion Club
2Chappaz, Max1351567SUI1853Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
3Floure, Alexan1346610SUI1927Martigny
4Haas, Anthony1346407SUI1836Echallens
5Lovey, Fabrice1338080SUI1744Martigny
6Moesching, Colin1345036SUI1789Monthey
7Python, Noé1337637SUI1938Payerne
8Tkhoruk, Roman34161589UKR1920Neuchâtel Ce