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This is a closed tournament upon invitation for 10 young masters until age of 25

Swiss Young Masters 2024

Last update 08.04.2024 10:58:32, Creator/Last Upload: climacus

Starting rank list of players

3GMLaurent-Paoli, Pierre26017962FRA2537
8GMBlohberger, Felix1632051AUT2531
7IMBoyer, Mahel45102422FRA2415
5IMRichter, Nils12990809GER2400
4FMFecker, Noah1334263SUI2394
10WIMHryzlova, Sofiia14174669SUI2251
6FMMattenberger, Matthias1339958SUI2239
2FMGeorgescu, Lena1331973SUI2218
1FMSchlegel, Igor1334956SUI2196
9Asllani, Dorian1341332SUI2110